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160 pages

How to Build a West Coast Chopper Kit Bike

Creator: Mike Seate | Transportation - 2004-10-25

When spotting a mix-and-match chopper like this at a custom bike show, ... Coast Choppers parts department at CCI offers both a Softail-sryle version of Jesse James' famous Dragon chassis, we chose a rigid CFL (or Choppers For Life, ...

Publisher: Motorbooks

About this book
This book presents a step-by-step guide to building a West Coast Chopper's C.F.L. kit. Kit choppers are hot commodities. While few people can afford to buy a custom-built chopper from one of the high-end builders like Jesse James-bikes that often sell for $100,000 or more-many can afford to buy such bikes in kit form. Because of this, all the high-end builders sell their creations in kit form. For example, while Jesse James might build perhaps a dozen custom bikes per year, he sells hundreds of chopper kits. The same is true of any number of other builders like Matt Hotch, Cyril Huze, and Paul Yaffe. Authored by Mike Seate and featuring the photography of Joe Appel, this book is a step-by-step how-to guide for anyone building a kit chopper.

192 pages

Jesse James, The Man and His Machines

Creator: Mike Seate | Transportation - 2003-11-01

JJames' true forte as a builder is custom choppers and minimalist longbikcs, he's also an avid long-distance rider. ... ever rolled out of West ("oast Choppers, said El Diablo, and later, the similarly proportioned Dragon Softail ...

Publisher: Motorbooks

About this book
On the surface, with his collection of skulls, pet sharks, pit bulls and tattoos, Jesse James is the consummate motorcycle outlaw. Some of this comes naturally - after all, his great-great-grandfather was the famous outlaw's cousin. But this image is only a small part of Jesse James' persona. There's also his passion as an artisan and his success at custom building bikes (chronicled in Discover Channels video productions Motorcycle Mania and Motorcycle Mania 2). Now Jesse puts his talents to good use as the master builder in the popular new Discovery Channel series Monster Garage.

Prairie farmer

Technology & Engineering - 1987-01

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