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144 pages

Custom Motorcycle Fabrication, Materials, Welding, Mill and Lathe 101, Chassis Assembly

Creator: Timothy Remus, Steve Garn, Paul Wideman | Transportation - 2014-05-21

Learn how professionals bypass the catalog and build their parts from scratch instead. This is an essential building book, helping you to learn the necessary skills to assemble a truly unique kick-ass motorcycle.

Publisher: Goodman Publishers

About this book
If you have every wanted to build your own motorcycle, or are just curious about doing so, this is the book for you. Starting with a discussion of the various materials used to fabricate custom motorcycle frames, fenders, brackets, etc, and including steel, aluminium, and stainless, the book the moves on to welding. An essential part of building almost anything for the road, this includes both TIG and MIG welding as well as Stick and Oxy/Acetylene welding, with topics like penetration, strength, getting started, relative sizes of heat-affected-zone, what method to use for which part and how to do so. There is an entire section on bending and notching tubing to achieve a precise fit between two parts prior to welding, plus the precise art of machining on a lathe and mill, where the reader is taken through the basics for both types of machines - setting them up, cutting speed, tools, lubrication, cooling, safety. There are separate sections for commonly fabricated parts like handle bars and exhaust systems, and building brackets and mounts. All written in the author's typical non-nonsense style, with step-by-step instructions, and advice and information gleaned form decades of practical experience make this a must-have bike for any bike-builder wanting to build their own unique motorcycle

Motorcycle Handling and Chassis Design, The Art and Science

Motorcycles - 2006

Publisher: Tony Foale

144 pages

Advanced Custom Motorcycle Wiring

Creator: Jeff Zielinski | Transportation - 2013

Motorcycle wiring is a difficult and complex job. This book removes the difficulties, making wiring from scratch, even installing a harness kit, straightforward and easy to understand.

Publisher: Wolfgang Productions

About this book
The one job that even the best mechanics avoid is wiring. Those worries are now over with help from the revised edition of "Advanced Custom Motorcycle Wiring." This book uses Chapter One to cover the basics of DC electricity and Chapter Two to explain batteries, starters, and alternators. It goes on to cover the schematics and factory harnesses for both early and late-model Harley-Davidsons. Jeff Zielinski, owner of NAMZ Custom Cycle Products and wiring harness and component designer, is the author of this revised Motorcycle Wiring book. In addition to a discussion of factory Harley-Davidson wiring harnesses, Jeff describes at length the various harness options available to a person building a custom bike. Is it better to build a harness from scratch, or install a ready-made harness kit? What's the easiest way to route all those wires through the top frame tube and the handle bars? These questions and many more are answered in this book. Inside you will find over 350 color photos and wiring illustrations spread across 144 pages. Everything from basic chopper wiring diagrams and schematics to complex factory schematics - as well as a complete, start-to-finish harness install sequence.

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