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Crye armor chassis no longer

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236 pages

Promptorium parvulorum, 1499

Creator: Galfridus Grammaticus | 1499

299 pages

The Poems of Francois Villon

Creator: François Villon | Stacpoole, Henry De Vere, 1865- - 1914

27 pages


Creator: Euripides | Drama - 2013-03-13

" So begins the introduction to the Alcestis by Euripides.

Publisher: Start Publishing LLC

About this book
"The Alcestis would hardly confirm its author's right to be acclaimed 'the most tragic of the poets.' It is doubtful whether one can call it a tragedy at all. Yet it remains one of the most characteristic and delightful of Euripidean dramas, as well as, by modern standards, the most easily actable. And I notice that many judges who display nothing but a fierce satisfaction in sending other plays of that author to the block or the treadmill, show a certain human weakness in sentencing the gentle daughter of Pelias." So begins the introduction to the Alcestis by Euripides.

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