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California chassis engineering

California chassis engineering - Bookshelf

133 pages

Chassis Engineering

Creator: Herb Adams | Sports & Recreation - 1993

erb Adams began his automotive engineering career when he joined the engineering staff at Pontiac after graduating from the General Motors Institute in 1957. At Pontiac ... In recent years, he has written numerous articles on chassis design and building for Circle Track magazine. He lives in Northern California. • Contents ...

Publisher: Penguin

About this book
The most forms of racing, cornering speed is the key to winning. On the street, precise and predictable handling is the key to high performance driving. However, the art and science of engineering a chassis can be difficult to comprehend, let alone apply. But in HPBooks' Chassis Engineering, chassis expert Herb Adams clearly explains the complex principles of suspension geometry and chassis design in terms the novice can easily understand and apply to any project. Hundreds of photos and illustrations offer the information on what it takes to design, build and tune the ultimate chassis for maximum cornering power, both on and off the track. Sections include - Tire Characteristics; - Weight Distribution; - Roll Angle & Roll Force; - Bushings, Springs & Shocks; - Front Suspension Design & Building; - Rear Suspension Design & Building; - Frame Design & Building; - Aerodynamic Downforce; - Vehicle Testing & Tuning. 'Chassis Engineering' gives you the inside edge on how to apply the principles of suspension and chassis design for any application. Go ahead - enhance the cornering performance of your sports car. Set-up you Modified for circle tracks. Tune your vintage or road-racer for more cornering speed. You can even learn to set-up a Winston Cup car for the high banks of Daytona! Chassis Engineering is a must-have reference for novices and professionals alike.

Vintage American Road Racing Cars 1950-1969

Creator: Harold Pace Mark R. Brinker |

QUASAR Chassis Engineering Company 705 W. 13th Street National City, California QUASAR SR Year built Engines Gearbox Front suspension . . Rear suspension . . . Brakes Body material Weight, approx. . . . Wheelbase Number built .

Motorcycle Handling and Chassis Design, The Art and Science

Motorcycles - 2006

Publisher: Tony Foale

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