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Asphalt street stock chassis

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160 pages

Circle Track Chassis & Suspension Handbook

Creator: Glen Grissom | 2004-10-15

The numhers should not dictate a preference in setup due to direction of turning . You never know when an opportunity will come ... 01 wonder if you could give me an idea or hint on setup. I run a GM metric chassis in a stock class.

Publisher: Motorbooks

About this book
This collection of technical articles from Stock Car Racing and Circle Track magazine will give the amateur stock car racer a guide to setting up his or her car for racing. This book taps into the weekend racers quest for a proven information about a stock car chassis set-up. With the right chassis settings, these racers can bring home trophies and cash. Without it, they will find themselves in the back of the pack fighting an evil-handling race car. The book includes crucial advice and information on suspension and preliminary set-up adjustment, weight balance, and castor and camber adjustments and it explains the critical factors that contribute to optimum mechanical grip. A vital reference for racers and an insightful look at how race cars work, this title will appeal to stock car racers and fans alike.

192 pages

Stock Car Setup Secrets, Advanced Chassis and Suspension Technology for Asphalt and Dirt Circle Track Racing

Creator: Bob Bolles, R. C. Bolles | 2003-06-01

I realize that in writing this book I may have taken much of the "fun" out of chassis setup. If you follow the suggestions given throughout this book, you won 't need to constantly search for the handling balance by frequently changing ...

Publisher: Hp Books

About this book
Learn everything you need to know about winning in this hands-on guide, which features the latest stock car racing chassis and suspension technology. Subjects covered include: roll centers, chassis setup, racing shocks, aerodynamics, springs, steering systems, rear geometry, brakes, testing procedures, design priorities, chassis dynamics, bump steer, weight transfer, camber/caster/Ackermann, racing software and instructions.

160 pages

Karting, Everything You Need to Know

Creator: Jeff Grist, Memo Gidley | Sports & Recreation - 2006-04-22

Sprint karts are also raced in large street races — tracks set up in shopping- center parking lots or on city streets. ... Sprint karts are of the sit-up variety and use specially built chassis designed to turn both left and right.

Publisher: Motorbooks

About this book
Now that people are starting to see that karting is the perfect training ground for professional racers of all stripes—as well as a not-so-expensive alternative to full-scale road racing and oval track racing—it's become the fastest-growing motorsport in the U.S. and the world.  For the novice confronted with a bewildering array of choices—kart types and classes, road racing, sprint track racing, oval racing—this book offers answers. The best single resource on kart racing, Karting will teach you the ins and outs of the sport, from choosing a class and kart to selecting safety equipment to performing maintenance and mastering racing techniques that will get you up to speed on the track.

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