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1931 model a chassis drawings

1931 model a chassis drawings - Bookshelf

The Motor

Transportation - 1953

382 Ifa Romeo " 1900 " Model, 407a Ifa Romeo Coupe' for the Mille Miglia, 383 Ifa Romeo Disco Volante. 2-litre .... 546 Bristol 403 Engine and Chassis Detail ( Drawings), 482, 483 Bristol 403 Saloon (Sketch). ... 633 Chrysler Eight 1931 Model.

332 pages

Elcar and Pratt Automobiles, The Complete History

Creator: William S. Locke | Transportation - 2000-01-01

Macy had no time to prepare an extra copy of the rendering, Graffis' drawings have not survived and, as yet, no snapshot of the show display has turned up to define this final ... Those standard models, the 75, 95, 96 and 130, were reshuffled into two brand new model series for 1931. ... The Model 86 used Lycoming's 65 horsepower, six cylinder, WR engine for both 117 and 123 inch wheelbase chassis.

Publisher: McFarland

About this book
A surprisingly little-known marque today, Elcar once ranked among the finest vehicles on American roads. Built to exacting standards in Elkhart, Indiana, an Elcar could compete head-to-head on the basis of performance, quality, or price with the products of much larger manufacturers. Ultimately done in by weak distribution and the ravages of the Depression, Elcar today stands as an example of an ambitious company that transformed itself, successfully if temporarily, from a maker of buggies and harnesses into a respected car manufacturer in the early days of the automotive age. This remarkably exhaustive history, researched over several decades from all available sources, including interviews with former Elcar employees, details every Elcar model and the Pratt vehicles that preceded them, as well as the personalities behind the cars. Extensive appendices provide a complete model history, with specifications; a full corporate chronology; an illustrated accounting of all Elcars and Pratts known to survive whole or in part today; a roster of company employees; a descriptive list of all ads and brochures ever produced by the company; and a wealth of other data that can be found nowhere else. Lavishly illustrated and surpassingly thorough, this book is a well of information on a significant but forgotten line of automobiles.

124 pages

The Ford Sportsman 1946-1948

Creator: Don Narus | 2011-01-01

The Model “A” Estate Wagon* was built on a 1931 chassis, it had a basic Model “ A” front clip with a 1930 radiator ... The design team took their drawings and with engineers re-worked a regular steel bodied convertible at Iron Mountain.


About this book
In 1945 Henry Ford II and designer E.T. Gergorie got together and come up with the "Sportsman. A woodie convertible that they thought might perk up the warmed over 1942s that would become the 1946 models. A prototype was built in October 1945 and was given a green light for full production. Sales were meager and production only lasted two years, but the "Sportsman" left an indelible mark on post World War II auto history. This book gives you a close-up look at both the Ford and Mercury "Sportsman."

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