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202 pages

Brake Systems, OEM & Racing Brake Technology

Creator: Mike Mavrigian, Larry W. Carley | Technology & Engineering - 1998

TO FRONT DISC BRAKE Metering valves are used in brake systems with front discs and rear drums to delay pressure to the front brakes until the rear brakes start to apply. TORN LINER ACTS AS CHECK VALVE BRAKE HOSE DEFECTS A.

Publisher: Penguin

490 pages

Automotive Brakes

Creator: Jack Erjavec | Technology & Engineering - 2003

ing valve controls the timing of pressure application to front disc brakes. A proportioning valve controls the actual pressure applied to rear brakes. Inertia and momentum cause weight to shift forward during braking. The weight shift is ...

Publisher: Cengage Learning

176 pages

Popular Science


That proportioning valve lim- its the hydraulic pressure to the rear brakes. Not all cars have them or need them. If a car is equipped with the valve, which may be mounted near the master cylinder or over the rear axle, it's there to prevent ...

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DIY Rear Drum Brakes, Do It Yourself Rear Drum Brakes ...
Pep Boys provides a step-by-step guide to servicing your own Rear Drum Brakes as well as your Front brakes. For detailed information visit us at

Best Brake Pads Parts for Cars, Trucks & SUVs
Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with Brake Pads from AutoZone. Get Yours Today! We know our parts and products.

Rear Brakes
Rear Brakes EBC technical article, to explain why rear brakes are important and what to do about taking care of them and servicing them.

How to Replace Brake Pads and Rotors - Rear - 2CarPros
Step by step instructions on how to replace automotive rear brake pads and rotors. This article pertains to all rear disc brake vehicles. Difficulty Scale: 5 of 10

rear brakes | eBay
Find great deals on eBay for rear brakes and 97 suzuki rm125 rear brakes. Shop with confidence.


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I Brake Suddenly For Tailgaters Bumper Sticker

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I Brake Suddenly For Tailgaters
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Unicorn Silhouettes I Brake for Unicorns Bumper Sticker

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Unicorn Silhouette I Brake for Unicorns Bumper Sticker by Imagine That! Design features our original art of a rearing unicorn in black silhouette created by Traci Van Wagoner. This bold and magical unicorn poster has the words, I Brake for Unicorns between two unicorns on each side. This whimsical fantasy art poster is perfect for anyone who loves unicorns, loves fantasy creatures, loves horses and cool artwork, and anyone who believes in magic and magical creatures. Check out our store for more whimsical unicorns and fantasy creatures. We believe in unicorns, do you?
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No Whiplash? /No Lawsuit?/So Backoff Bumper Sticker

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Funny how people select the laws they are willing to break. But why do speeders use tailgating to try and make you help them? I won't speed up or move over for tailgating speeders. Don't forget to customize the background and font color to match your car....and be careful out there!
Price: $$4.20

Random Act Bumper Sticker

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My Random Act Of Kindness Is Not Slamming On The Brakes
Price: $$4.20