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185 pages

Mustang 5.0 Projects, Performance and Upgrade How-To's for 1979-1995 5.0 Mustangs

Creator: Mark Houlahan | Transportation - 1997

Today's high performance vehicles (and some not so high performance vehicles) are shod with large front disc brakes, as well as rear disc brakes in most cases, but '87-'93 FOX Mustangs use 10.8" front disc brakes with nine inch rear drum ...

Publisher: Penguin

About this book
Includes in-depth instructions on: engine tech, exhaust, fuel systems, manual and automatic transmissions, suspension, interior, body and exterior, nitrous and supercharging, and much more.

176 pages

Mustang Restoration Handbook

Creator: Don Taylor, Tom Wilson | Transportation - 1987-01-01

Another difference, not related to the brakes, is the rear drums aren't integral with the wheel hubs. Start by removing the drum. There may be Tinnerman— sheet- metal — nuts on Insert parking-brake cable through rear backing plate and attach  ...

Publisher: Penguin

About this book
Ground up or section by section, this guide will show you how to restore your 1965-70 Mustang to like-new condition. Packed with dozens of identification charts and more than 450 photos and drawings. the guide covers year-by-year equipment changes and disassembly and assembly. A Mustang suppliers list is a bonus.

How to Tune and Modify Your Ford 5.0 Liter Mustang

Creator: Steve Turner |

Not until 1994 did the standard issue 5.0 Mustang gain 10.5-inch rear disc brakes and better 10.9-inch front brakes — of course, the car picked up a few hundred pounds as well. Only the 1993-95 SVT Mustang Cobras received braking ...

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How To Change Rear Brakes on a Mustang
Looks like a piece of cake eh? Nah, really, looks like tough stuff to lots of people, but it's VERY easy. It actually is, and if you follow these ...

1965-73 Mustang Disc Brakes - Scott Drake FREE SHIPPING +$100
Mustang Disc Brake Conversions ... These kits fit 1964-1969 Mustangs. Your cars original Ford spindles are used to make it easier to install. - 1964-2018 Ford Mustang Parts
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Wilwood - Ford Mustang Disc Brakes
Wilwood Engineering has developed bolt-on disc brake conversion kits for all generations of the Ford Mustang. Check out our new brake kits that are now available for ...

Wilwood - Ford Mustang Disc Brakes
Welcome to the Mustang application page where you get detailed information on the wide assortment of Wilwood brakes and components that fit the Ford Mustang vehicle line.


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