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Groaning sound from rear disc

Groaning sound from rear disc brakes - Bookshelf

349 pages

Topics in Modal Analysis I, Volume 7, Proceedings of the 32nd IMAC, A Conference and Exposition on Structural Dynamics, 2014

Creator: James De Clerck | Technology & Engineering - 2014-04-28

Abdelhamid MK, Bray W (2009) Braking systems creep groan noise: detection and evaluation. SAE Paper Okayama K, Fujikawa H, Kubota T, Kakihara K (2005) A study on rear disc brake groan noise immediately after stopping. SAE Paper ...

Publisher: Springer Science & Business

About this book
This seventh volume of eight from the IMAC - XXXII Conference, brings together contributions to this important area of research and engineering. The collection presents early findings and case studies on fundamental and applied aspects of Structural Dynamics, including papers on:Linear SystemsSubstructure ModellingAdaptive StructuresExperimental TechniquesAnalytical MethodsDamage DetectionDamping of Materials & MembersModal Parameter IdentificationModal Testing MethodsSystem IdentificationActive ControlModal Parameter EstimationProcessing Modal Data

251 pages

Noise and Vibration in Friction Systems

Creator: Vladimir P. Sergienko, Sergey N. Bukharov | Technology & Engineering - 2014-09-30

24(8), 1361–1366 (1954) N.F. Kunin, G.D. Lomakin, On interrelation between static and kinetic friction. Tech. Phys. 24(8), 1367–1370 (1954) K. Okayama, H. Fujikawa, T. Kubota, K. Kakihara, A study on rear disc brake groan noise immediately ...

Publisher: Springer

About this book
The book analyzes the basic problems of oscillation processes and theoretical aspects of noise and vibration in friction systems. It presents generalized information available in literature data and results of the authors in vibroacoustics of friction joints, including car brakes and transmissions. The authors consider the main approaches to abatement of noise and vibration in non-stationary friction processes. Special attention is paid to materials science aspects, in particular to advanced composite materials used to improve the vibroacoustic characteristics of tribopairs The book is intended for researchers and technicians, students and post-graduates specializing in mechanical engineering, maintenance of machines and transport means, production certification, problems of friction and vibroacoustics.

552 pages

Lemon-Aid Used Cars and Trucks 2012–2013

Creator: Phil Edmonston | Transportation - 2012-05-19

2003–09—Upper, lower windshield ticking noise. 2004—VSC activates intermittently when it is not needed. • New ECM calibration for a poorly shifting transmission (TSB #TC007-03). • Rear disc brake groan (TSB #BR002-04). • Intermediate ...

Publisher: Dundurn

About this book
Lemon-Aid guides steer the confused and anxious buyer through the economic meltdown unlike any other car-and-truck books on the market. U.S. automakers are suddenly awash in profits, and South Koreans and Europeans have gained market shares, while Honda, Nissan, and Toyota have curtailed production following the 2011 tsunami in Japan. Shortages of Japanese new cars and supplier disruptions will likely push used car prices through the roof well into 2012, so what should a savvy buyer do? The all-new Lemon-Aid Used Cars and Trucks 2012-2013 has the answers, including:More vehicles rated, with some redesigned models that don’t perform as well as previous iterations downrated.More roof crash-worthiness ratings along with an expanded cross-border shopping guide.A revised summary of safety- and performance-related defects that are likely to affect rated models.More helpful websites listed in the appendix as well as an updated list of the best and worst "beaters" on the market.More "secret" warranties taken from automaker internal service bulletins and memos than ever.

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