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Brakes for a 1998 gmc sierra -

Brakes for a 1998 gmc sierra - Bookshelf

350 pages

The Complete Small Truck Cost Guide 1998

Creator: Steven Gross, Vincent Mendolia, Kristina Olson | Trucks - 1998-02-01

V" Manual 5 Speed Purchase Price Car Item Base Price Anti-Lock Brakes Dealer Cost S22.1S8 Std List $25,323 Std ... int) Brake Service Projected Costs (5yr) Relative This Car $31,451 $32,222 For 1998. the GMC Sierra C3500 Crew Cab ...

Publisher: Intellichoice Incorporated

240 pages

The 2002 Used Car and Truck Guide

Creator: Consumer Guide | Reference - 2002-03-01

1998 C10753 extended-cab: Rear brake line can contact left front fender wheelhouse inner panel; a hole could be wom in brake line, allowing loss of fluid and reducing rear brake effectiveness. 199*01 GMC SIERRA 2001 GMC Sierra 1 500 ...

Publisher: Consumer Guide Books Pub

120 pages

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While the F-150 and Ram jiggle momentarily after a major bump, the Silverado and Sierra react with a dull, highly damped thud. Size also ... While Chevy and GMC pickups have had four-wheel ABS as standard since '95 (it's still a $500 option at Dodge and Ford), other brake problems have caused a ... OCTOBER 1998 103.

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Hydraulic brake trouble. 1998 gmc sierra. -
My current work truck is a whooped up '98 gmc half ton, with 247,000 miles. Who knows what has been done to it over the years, I have only been driving it for a ...

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