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The “People Power” Beauty Guide (Outer Beauty, Inner Beauty, Modesty, Fashion, Cosmetic Surgery, Skincare, Acne, Hair Loss, Cosmetics, Jewelry: The Beauty Business, Beauty Jobs)

Creator: Tony Kelbrat | Self-Help - 2013-12-05

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Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

About this book
What is true feminine beauty? As the artist I fancy myself to be, I feel that I know it when I see it. Many women are blessed with natural beauty which has two components as far as I’m concerned: 1.) The face. 2.) The body. In the face, some women have striking looks but if they don’t have beautiful souls it reverberates there. Your resting expression indicates the type of person you are. Over time, this expression becomes your permanent face which is why I can tell who looks happy in a relaxed way versus the girls with anger, sadness or a beef with the world written on their faces. They have scowls on them. Look at yourself in the mirror with no expression on your face. You can see how other people see you. See more at

288 pages

Skull Sourcebook, Over 500 Skulls in Art & Culture

Creator: Adele Nozedar | Art - 2016-05-10

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About this book
Delve deep into the ancient secrets of the skull and how the lasting icon affects the world today.You see them in your dreams, representing death, mortality, or consciousness, Capuchin monks decorated with thousands, Shakespeare's Hamlet held one, and Alexander McQueen made it a fashion statement.Skulls are one of the oldest symbols of our world, rich with cultural resonance and significance. From the origins of Aztec skull art and the Jolly Roger that was hoisted on pirate flags to the sugar skull for Mexico's Day of the Dead, skulls have a wealth of source history and, of course, a long line of artistic tradition. Skull Sourcebook features hundreds of different skull images and artworks through history, and author Adele Nozedar deeply explores their iconic significance. Discover meanings, stories, and lore behind the skull and ponder dozens of artistic examples of skulls in art, tattoos, music, literature, fashion, and more. Accompanied with works by famous artists like Damien Hirst and George Ioannou, the Skull Sourcebook is a varied and eclectic collection of one of the world's most-recognized symbols.

256 pages

How to Sell Anything on eBay... And Make a Fortune

Creator: Dennis L. Prince | Business & Economics - 2007-03-09

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Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

About this book
Imagine opening a store...and more than 150 million people showing up. That's the power of selling on eBay. More than 100,000 people have used the first edition of How to Sell Anything on eBay...and Make a Fortune! to make their fortunes. Now the fully revised second edition shows you how to navigate the new site design, revised fee structures, and most importantly, how to reach the increased number of registered users-from 50 million to 157 million! You'll learn about the newest ways to make it big, including: A list of current fee structures and tips on how to make the most money Updated “screen shots,” detailing how to navigate through eBay's redesigned Web site Revised policies, and ways to dodge possible pitfalls Money-making ideas for your auction

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