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1364 pages

Anatomy of the human body

Creator: Henry Gray | Medical - 1918

However, the main text has always remained primarily a descriptive anatomy of the human body. ... important points could be made more clear, and throughout the work colored pictures have been even more extensively used than heretofore.

563 pages

Medieval Medicine: A Reader

Creator: Faith Wallis | History - 2010-04-30

The Value of Anatomy and of Anatomical Images this is the Anatomy for Philip vii , king of the French, ... Because it is prohibited by the Church to perform an anatomy upon a human body and because the art of medicine cannot be fully ...

Publisher: Univ of Toronto Pr Higher education

About this book
Rich and refreshing! The material ranges from academic exposition to clinical advice, from riveting narrative to poignant correspondence, and from piety to satire. The readings are given in full, rather than excerpted. Lucid introductions cover the spectrum of the entire textbook, without ever becoming "textbookish," and serious analysis is leavened by sensible asides and keen wit. The readings and comments are perfectly matched in celebrating the vibrant sanitas of medieval medicine.---Luke Demaitre, University of VirginiaScholarship in recent decades has greatly broadened our understanding of the ways people in the Middle Ages perceived their bodies, their illnesse, and their responses to illnesses. Access to original texts has been, until now, largely confined to specialists. Wallis performs the great service of making these writings accessible through accurate and graceful translations.---Linda Ehrsam Voigts, University of Missouri-Kansas CityMedieval Medicine: A Reader presents a welcome collection of primary sources on the thories and practices of medicine in medieval Europe and the Mediterranean. No comprehensive collection like this has been available before. Covering aspects of the professional training and practice of medicine, the intersections with law and the development of ethical codes, the volume is particularly useful for its rich collection of materials from the early Middle Ages, which have not been well represented in studies of medieval medicine. With helpful introductions that come from long experience teaching on the subject, Faith Wallis's collection will be a boon to any teacher or student engaging for the first time with medieval European medical history.---Monica Green, Arizona State UniversityMedical Knowledge and practice changed profoundly during the medieval period. In this collection over 100 primary sources, many translated for the first time, Faith Wallis reveals the dynamic world of medicine the Middle Ages that has been largely unavailable to students and scholars. The reader includes 21 illustrations and a glossary of medical terms.

761 pages

Biology, A Human Emphasis

Creator: Cecie Starr, Christine A. Evers, Lisa Starr | 2010-06-08

Page 465, Critical Thinking, CNRI/ Photo Researchers, Inc. CHAPTER 29 Key Concepts from left, From Neuro Via Clinicall ... Science Source/ Photo Researchers, Inc.; (b) © C. Yoko- chi and J. Rohen, Photographic Anatomy of the Human Body, ...

Publisher: Brooks/Cole Publishing Company

About this book
Should there be warning labels on fast foods? Should SUV drivers pay extra taxes? Should employers be allowed to require drug testing of prospective employees? This introductory biology text helps you learn the process of science and basic biological principles while encouraging you to think about critical issues. New "Take Home Messages" help you grasp key concepts while special features like the chapter opening case studies and "How Would You Vote?" questions make the material come to life. New "Figure It Out" questions in many illustrations help you understand the concepts communicated in the figures and the new Data Analysis Activities at the end of every chapter strengthen your analytical skills. This book has been widely praised for clear and engaging writing, art with step-by-step callouts, and terrific support from student media that all work together to help you "get" biology.

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    0 5/5 NRW - See all my reviews This review is from: Parts (Hardcover) This offbeat book has become a great favorite. We routinely pack it on vacations because it's lightweight and because we can read it several times in succession without boring anyone. It's also a good bedtime book when you need something short. Jokes in the illustrations make them worth looking at more than once, as well. And despite the premise--that the boy is coming to bits--even our nightmare-prone younger child has never been adversely affected. 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , June 6, 2000

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    Top choice of library summer readers.

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