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167 pages

Honda/Acura Performance, High Performance Street and Racing Modifications for Honda Civic/Accord and Acura

Creator: of Sport Compact Car Editors | Transportation - 1999

High Performance Street and Racing Modifications for Honda Civic/Accord and Acura of Sport Compact Car Editors Sport Compact Car ... Before heading over to Wings West for the body kit upgrade, we decided to take care of the hard parts.

Publisher: Penguin

About this book
The first in a series of books compiled by Sport Compact Car magazine, this authoritative handbook takes on the hot rod trend of import performance. This specialized guide includes the latest how-to advice on every facet of modifying Honda Civics and Accords and Acura Integras.

1494 pages

Cycle World Magazine


0U MIGHT NOT RECOGNIZE it, but the motorcycle shown here is a Honda CBR900RR. ... Here's the recipe: CREA Supply one Honda CBR900R; add one Crea body kit including bracketry, twin headlights, taillight, wiring harness and a 4into-l ...

82 pages

Outlook Profit


Honda. Accord. good. enough. to. ruin. everybody. else's. party? Party. animal. by Rohin Nagrani Photographs by Pablo ... If that causes a stir at your Camry owning neighbour's household, you can opt for a body kit from Honda that adds a chin ...

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