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Automobiles - 2000

HONDA AUTHORISED □HIV I it it V lis 5 Ihnr. Pinito lllatk. ... Prelude VTI Aug 97 , 1 1 , 1 00 miles, FSH, 1 owner, Met. green, cream leather, full body kit, 1 7" split rim alloys, immaculate condition, Reg: MEG 692 AVAIL ABLE BY NEC £19,500 ...

160 pages

Kindred: Immortals

Creator: David Kammerer | Fiction - 2009-12-03

Kidd, in his canary yellow Honda Prelude, which was a year newer than Steel's and had a 2.2 liter engine, completely decked out with a wings west body kit pulled out after Gloves in his 'shadow ride', as he called it. It was a supercharged  ...

Publisher: AuthorHouse

About this book
The Kindred vampires are not like those of human folklore.  They are not evil.  They were once a powerful race but in this time they are on the brink of extinction.  The last survivor of the Kindred race roamed the world for decades in search of a young man who was to be the savior of the Kindred vampires. This young man was named Steel.  One night after a brutal fight with agents of an ancient organization of vampire hunters, the old Kindred vampire found Steel and told him of his destiny.  Steel accepted and became the first vampire of the new Kindred race.  It was now he who would preserve his kind and he began expanding his people with his closest friends.  He told them what had happened and they all eagerly agreed to join him, becoming the first Kindred clan of the new race.  They lived for decades the lives that humans dream about.  Then, one night the demise of the old race found the new and the vampire hunters killed some of the clan, including Steel’s only true love.  Steel vowed to preserve his race, now he vows his revenge.

The Autocar, A Journal Published in the Interests of the Mechanically Propelled Road Carriage

Creator: Henry Sturmey, H. Walter Staner | Automobiles - 1988-06

... Tel: 01-668 6803 FORD GRANADA SCORPIO 2.81 3 ng. meta>i:c silver, full RS body kit. all the usual refinements full MoT ... £15,695 Tel: 01-460 1760 194350 HONDA LEGEND COUPE 2.7i May 1988. burgundy metallic, every conceivable .... Honda Prelude Executive 1 .8. auto, white, one owner, 24,500 miles, £8.995.

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