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Fiberglass model a coupe body

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How to Build a Hot Rod Model A Ford

Creator: Dennis Parks |

A phantom body style (one not made by Ford) that is available in fiberglass is this Model A three- window coupe. Based on a 1930-1931 cowl, this coupe has longer doors and no quarter windows. Manufactured by A/Altered, it comes with a 3- ...

Hot Rodder's Bible : The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Dream Machine

Creator: Steve Hendrickson Gerry Burger |

companies even began reproducing complete steel bodies. Fiberglass Bodies The first fiberglass bodies were 1923 Model T Ford roadsters, in both their turtle- deck and roadster pickup forms. Later, Model A roadsters and 1932 Fords came ...

336 pages

Inside the Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild, Contestants Recall the Great General Motors Talent Search

Creator: John L. Jacobus | Transportation - 2011-12-15

This final model was another sports coupe, painted a 1965 Cadillac Fire Frost Metallic Maroon color with a glossy ... All the fiberglass sections were then welded together with more resin to form the completed body of the fiberglass model.

Publisher: McFarland

About this book
From 1930 to 1968, General Motors sponsored a 1:12 scale model automobile design competition for youth--the famous Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild. Each year thousands of boys and young men from across America competed for scholarships by designing, building, and submitting a scale model of their own "dream car," to be judged on such qualities as design originality and craftsmanship. A public relations bonanza for GM, the program helped to identify and nurture a generation of future leaders in design engineering, automotive design, automotive styling, industrial design and other endeavors. In these essays, more than 30 Guildsmen chronicle their experiences in the competition, revealing their model car design techniques, tricks, and secrets: Philip J. Rauth, Joseph R. Rauth, Herman I. Rauth, Roger D. Teter, Gordon D. Williams, William A. Keyser, Jr., Warren M. Bakken, Wilfred C. Keagy, Arnold L. Joslin, Raymond P. Wykes, Charles R. Foreman, Adrian A. Bruno, Charles H. Stewart, George E. Anderson, William D. Scott, Walter F. O'Neill, Jr., Thomas L. De Fazio, Felix R. Collazo, Ronald J. Will, Roger L. Schneider, Thomas L. Covert, Paul F. Bonfilio, George G. Herzog, Samuel T. Kjellman, Frederick J. "Bud" Magaldi, Geza A. Loczi, Jeffrey A. Jones, Robert W. Lawhn, Tom W. Graboski, Terry P. Graboski, Spencer L. Mackay, Grant Onnie, John L. Jacobus and John M. Mellberg.

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