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424 pages

Events in the Life of an Ordinary Man

Creator: Richard R. Pariseau | Biography - 2014-12-09

I have tried both Mardi Gras and Fantasy Fest and the latter is better. Besides it is a major body-painting exhibition and that's what I wanted to try. Body painters set up inside stores, in display windows, and on the sidewalk along Duval Street.

Publisher: LifeRich Publishing

About this book
Dick Pariseau reveals the excitement, adventures, and predicaments one can get into if one is afraid to miss anything, welcomes every opportunity, seeks excitement, and listens to one's poker buddies when they suggest new or unfamiliar areas to explore. He earned a PhD at night school because he thought decision makers would more readily accept his analysis if it was authored by a doctor. Denied the opportunity to play basketball--his most accomplished sport--in college, he chose to play lacrosse and became a First Team All-American. Seeking an advantage over the competition at singles dances, he took dance lessons and ended up as a dance host and instructor aboard a cruise ship. Uncomfortable with the casual disrobing of the co-ed models at the university painting class, his poker buddies recommended that he "get over it" by spending time at a nudist camp. As an adventuresome traveler, he has sailed the Nile River and flown in a hot air balloon over the Valley of the Kings, gone hut-to-hut hiking in the Swiss Alps, and learned to throw a boomerang with the aboriginals in Cairns, Australia. Be entertained by the adventures and humorous predicaments of this ordinary man, and use it as a catalyst to document the adventures in your life.

422 pages

The Exhibitionist

Creator: Jon L. Pope | Fiction - 2013-12-17

One of the art students will paint my body with latex paint.” “Body paint!” Vanessa fell back on the bed kicking her feet in ... He picked out templates for Alex they found on a web site showing body paintings at the Key West Festival, Fantasy Fest ...

Publisher: iUniverse

About this book
When Alex Van Winkle, an adventurous farm girl, moves off the farm and onto campus, she vows to make her mark on the world. With the freedom of her new life as a college student, Alex seizes the chance to learn who she really is—and who she is, the world is about to learn, is someone who dares to go bare. As she embraces adulthood, Alex comes into her own, reveling in her life as an enthusiastic exhibitionist in search of the ultimate thrill. Along the way, she earns her degree in literature while making a name for herself in the adult entertainment world. The budding porn star enjoys quite the following as she works her way through college creatively. Her new life is a long way from the farm. But her wild, compulsive behavior comes with a price. Her friends struggle to tolerate and understand her need to display herself. Her family, with the exception of two elderly aunts, has difficulty accepting her choices—even if her path takes her to the red carpet as an Academy Award nominee. For a sweet little girl who grew up on a farm, her reality seems more like a dream. Is she ready to pay the price for her new life?

77 pages

Moon Spotlight Key West

Creator: Laura Martone | Travel - 2013-12-17

Costumed revelers frolic during an annual Fantasy Fest parade. sports and recreation ... parties, headdress balls, pet masquerades, various costume and wet T-shirt contests, body-painting displays, and plenty of other hedonistic activities.

Publisher: Avalon Travel

About this book
Moon Spotlight Key West is a 77-page compact guide covering the best of this balmy paradise. World traveler Laura Martone offers her firsthand advice on must-see attractions, as well as maps with sightseeing highlights, so you can make the most of your time. This lightweight guide is packed with recommendations on entertainment, shopping, recreations, accommodations, food, and transportation, making navigating this relaxing island escape uncomplicated and enjoyable.This Spotlight guidebook is excerpted from Moon Florida Keys.

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Fantasy Fest full body painting (Contains Nudity 18+ ) by ...
Fantasy Fest full body painting (Contains Nudity 18+ ) ... its a fantasy i would to play out one day before its too late for me, some may say I'm too old now !

Body Painting by Tioti in Key West, FL., Fantasy Fest ...
Body Painting by Tioti in Key West, FL. Body painting of women photos, body painting for fantasy fest in key west by tioti, airbrush body painting

Fantasy Fest Body Painting @ The X Radio at Cowboy Bills ...
We Join for Body Paint Artists Hector and Meike from Artwear Fantasy Fest 2012 at The X Radio 104.9 Studios at Cowboy Bills 618 Duval Street, Key West ...

Body Painting Key West Fantasy Fest - Jennifer montgomery
Fantasy Fest Body Painting by Jennifer Montgomery in Key West, FL . Book your appointment for the best body painting for Fantasy Fest in Key West.

FANTASY FEST 2016 BODY PAINTING - Pashur Body Painter
Book an appointment to be body painted by world famous, Pashur the Body Painter while at Fantasy Fest at Paradise Tattoo on Duval St.


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