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The Visual Dictionary of the Human Body - English/Spanish

Human anatomy - 2009

principal veins: anterior view venas F principales: vista F anterior Vein: blood vessel carrying deoxygenated blood from the organs back to the heart; most veins present as two copies thatdrain the left and right parts ofthe subclavian vein body.

Publisher: Québec Amerique

Appletons' New Spanish-English and English-Spanish Dictionary (successor to Velázquez's Abridged Dictionary), Containing More Than Four Thousand Modern Words and Twenty Thousand Acceptations, Idioms, and Technical Terms Not in the Latest Edition of Any Similar Work; with a Pronouncing Key and the Fundamental Tenses of Irregular Verbs, by Arturo Cuyás

Creator: Arturo Cuyás | English language - 1912

Leuten. cuarta, /. fourth, fourth part, a quarter ; quadrant, fourth part of a circle; ( naut.) ... quarter of clothes ; quartet of animals or of criminals whose body is quartered ; quarter of an hour ; each of the moon quarters ; service in the royal palace.

218 pages

Handy Spanish-English and English-Spanish Dictionary

English language - 1912

76 cuartel — cuestionable divide into four parts; to bid a fourth more at public sales ; to make a fourth person at a game; -se, ... sm. quarter, fourth part ; district of a city ; place where soldiers are lodged; duty imposed on villages for the Quartering of soldiers; dwelling, home; mar. .... great drinker, cuerpo, kûer'pô, sm. body "cadaver, corpse, cuerva, ktih'va, sf. crow, cuervo, —гЛ, sm. raven, ouesco, kâiSkâ, ...

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