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448 pages

Functional Clothing Design, From Sportswear to Spacesuits

Creator: Susan Watkins, Susan M. Watkins, Lucy Dunne | Business & Economics - 2015-01-29

loss mechanisms and clothing must do together to bring an individual into thermal balance with the environment. One kilocalorie (kcal) equals ... The body's central thermostat is the hypothalamus, a small region near the underside of the brain.

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

About this book
Functional Clothing Design is a book about how and why clothing works. This interdisciplinary text introduces new ways to look at the human body, the environment and clothing and to explore the relationships between them by looking at the ways clothing achieves goals such as protecting the body, increasing health and safety, improving a worker's efficiency on the job or increasing body function. Watkins and Dunne present technical material using clear, simple language that can be readily understood by beginning design students with no science or engineering background. Building on the groundbreaking text by Watkins, Clothing: The Portable Environment, this text covers a full range of factors involved in designing functional clothing: protection from thermal, impact and other environmental hazards; enhancing movement and visibility and increasing body function with smart clothing; designing clothing for people with handicaps and designing protective clothing for groups such as the military, who face multiple hazards. Functional Clothing Design focuses on the full range of activities needed to develop functional clothing-from analysis of user needs to choosing appropriate materials to design and design evaluation. The text includes case studies throughout as well as new content on smart textiles and all the latest developments in wearable technology. Designers and others seeking clothing solutions to problems in many fields will find a common language linking a number of disciplines through which they can explore both problems and solutions.

506 pages

Construction of Space in Early China, The

Creator: Mark Edward Lewis | History - 2012-02-01

The depic- tion of clothing was central to such a task.274 When new ideals of human excellence developed in the Age of ... Through all the changes in artistic practice, the self CONCLUSION The body came to the fore in Chinese thought in the ...

Publisher: SUNY Press

About this book
This book examines the formation of the Chinese empire through its reorganization and reinterpretation of its basic spatial units: the human body, the household, the city, the region, and the world. The central theme of the book is the way all these forms of ordered space were reshaped by the project of unification and how, at the same time, that unification was constrained and limited by the necessary survival of the units on which it was based. Consequently, as Mark Edward Lewis shows, each level of spatial organization could achieve order and meaning only within an encompassing, superior whole: the body within the household, the household within the lineage and state, the city within the region, and the region within the world empire, while each level still contained within itself the smaller units from which it was formed. The unity that was the empire’s highest goal avoided collapse back into the original chaos of nondistinction only by preserving within itself the very divisions on the basis of family or region that it claimed to transcend.

360 pages

Wild Frenchmen and Frenchified Indians, Material Culture and Race in Colonial Louisiana

Creator: Sophie White | History - 2013-01-14

While focused on Louisiana, the methodological model offered in this innovative book shows that dress can take center stage in the investigation of colonial societies—for the process of colonization was built on encounters mediated by ...

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

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