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313 pages

Natural Bodybuilding

Creator: John Hansen | Sports & Recreation - 2005

Bodybuilding supplementation is very important to the natural bodybuilder. The science and technology of nutritional supplements have improved dramatically since the early 1990s. Drug-free bodybuilders can now make much better gains ...

Publisher: Human Kinetics

About this book
Get better and bigger results than you ever thought possible without using illicit or unhealthy drugs. Natural Bodybuildingprovides the best training and nutrition prescription available for gaining mass and defining muscles the healthy way. Detailed programs and workouts, specific techniques for particular lifts, proven dietary guidelines, a weeklong precompetition plan, and true inspirational success stories will help you reach your potential. See what great results you can achieve without incurring the expense and physical toll of a chemically crafted body.IRONMANcolumnist and champion natural bodybuilder John Hansen covers every facet, from the gym to the training table to the competitive stage. Get bigger the right way, with Natural Bodybuilding.

208 pages

Sport Supplement Reference Guide

Creator: William Llewellyn | Athletes - 2009-10

This book is perfect for anyone that consumes dietary supplements for sports related activity, weight lifting, bodybuilding, weight loss, or other fitness goals.


About this book
William Llewellyn, the author of the best selling Anabolics series, brings you the most comprehensive book ever written on sport supplements. The Sport Supplement Reference Guide takes a look at over 40 of today's most popular sport supplement ingredients. What you can expect from Sport Supplement Reference Guide: • An overview of the sport supplement industry • Protein primer and how to choose the right type of protein for your needs. • Types of Carbohydrate Supplementation. • Vitamin and Mineral overview. • Supplement Ingredient Profiles of over 40 different ingredients. Each profile has its own rating based on clinical studies and empirical evidence. • Rules for Effective Supplement Shopping and Consumer Empowerment. This section will help you stop wasting money on worthless supplements. • Goal orientated sample supplement cycles takes the guess work out what supplements needed for your goal. This book is perfect for anyone that consumes dietary supplements for sports related activity, weight lifting, bodybuilding, weight loss, or other fitness goals.

Ultimate Body-Building And Fitness

Creator: © Wings Of Success |

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Publisher: GOFFYBLN

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