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313 pages

Natural Bodybuilding

Creator: John Hansen | Sports & Recreation - 2005

John Hansen. Photos Tell the Story Next to the mirror, photos are probably the best way to analyze your physique. They allow you to study your body in the same way that the judges at a bodybuilding competition do. Although photos lack the ...

Publisher: Human Kinetics

About this book
Get better and bigger results than you ever thought possible without using illicit or unhealthy drugs. Natural Bodybuildingprovides the best training and nutrition prescription available for gaining mass and defining muscles the healthy way. Detailed programs and workouts, specific techniques for particular lifts, proven dietary guidelines, a weeklong precompetition plan, and true inspirational success stories will help you reach your potential. See what great results you can achieve without incurring the expense and physical toll of a chemically crafted body.IRONMANcolumnist and champion natural bodybuilder John Hansen covers every facet, from the gym to the training table to the competitive stage. Get bigger the right way, with Natural Bodybuilding.

384 pages

Bodybuilding, Reforming Masculinities in British Art 1750-1810

Creator: Martin Myrone | Art - 2005

The image presents the male body as an object of sympathetic responses and clearly fits the model of civil society: a suffering body is presented to the gazes of both a representational audience and the actual viewers, fabricating a sense of a  ...

Publisher: Yale University Press

About this book
This original book explores the radical transformation of the heroic male body in late eighteenth-century British art. It ranges across a period in which a modern art world was established, taking  into account the lives and careers of a succession of major figures--from Benjamin West and Gavin Hamilton to Henry Fuseli, John Flaxman and William Blake--and influential institutions, from the Royal Academy to the commercial galleries of the 1790s. Organized around the historical traumas of the Seven Years’ War (1756-63), the War of American Independence (1775-83) and the French Revolution and Revolutionary Wars (1789-1815), Bodybuilding places the visual representation of the hero at the heart of a series of narratives about social and economic change, gender identity, and the transformation of cultural value on the eve of modernity. The book offers a vivid image of a critical period in Britain’s cultural history and establishes a new framework for the study of late-eighteenth-century art and gender.

232 pages

Bodybuilding, Drugs and Risk

Creator: Lee Monaghan | Health & Fitness - 2002-01-04

There was a picture of Dorian Yates [current professional world champion]. Soccer: My friend saw him at a seminar. l think he was about 23stone [...] I suppose it's a bit difficult to gauge how big he is from that picture since there's nothing there ...

Publisher: Routledge

About this book
Current popular interest in bodies, fitness, sport and active lifestyles, has made bodybuilding more visible and acceptable within mainstream society than ever before. However, the association between bodybuilding, drugs and risk has contributed to a negative image of an activity which many people find puzzling. Using data obtained from participant observation and interviews, this book explores bodybuilding subculture from the perspective of the bodybuilder. It looks at: * How bodybuilders try to maintain competent social identities* How they manage the risks of using steroids and other physique-enhancing drugs* How they understand the alleged steroid-violence link* How they 'see' the muscular body.Through systematic exploration it becomes apparent that previous attempts to explain bodybuilding in terms of 'masculinity-in-crisis' or gender insecurity are open to question. Different and valuable insights into what sustains and legitimizes potentially dangerous drug-taking activities are provided by this detailed picture of a huge underground subculture.

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