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277 pages

New Directions for Research in L2 Writing

Creator: S. Ransdell, M.-L. Barbier | Psychology - 2012-12-06

Italy's most important cycling contest isthe Giro d'Italia, drawing large numbers of people alongside the roads where the ... take much care of their body and tokeep themselves in form, they go to various sport schools to practise body building,a ...

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

About this book
GERT RIJLAARSDAM UniversityofAmsterdam & Utrecht University, the Netherlands Multilingualism is becoming the default in our global world. The present-day global citizens use different languages in different situations. Apart from their mother tongue, they learn languages that give them access to other regions, nations, and worlds. In all countries ofthe European Union, for instance, at least one foreign lan guage is mandatory in secondary schools. Most students are taught English as a for eign language, the lingua franca in Europe. In large parts of the USA, students move from Spanish to English schooling. In parts of Canada, bilingual education is stan dard. In Catalonia (Spain) children learn Catalonian and Spanish, in Hong Kong English and Chinese. The smaller the world becomes, the more languages are used and learned. For writing process research, this development into multilingualism entails at least two challenges. First ofall, studying the relation between writing in L1 and L2 provides an opportunity for collaborative studies, in different language settings. Second, the issue ofgeneralization of findings comes to the fore. It becomes evident now that we have unjustly neglected this issue in writing process research. We for got to ask whether it is feasible to talk about 'writing processes' in general, without referring to the language of the written texts, and without taking into account the educational and linguistic culture in which these texts originate.

654 pages

Sociological Perspectives on Sport, The Games Outside the Games

Creator: David Karen, Robert E. Washington | POLITICAL SCIENCE - 2015-03-02

See L'Italia, March 2–3, and March 9–11, 1895; March 16–17, 1895 (all in Foreign Language Press Survey, Chicago Public ... See David L. Chapman, Sandow the Magnificent: Eugen Sandow and the Beginnings of Body Building ( Urbana, ...

Publisher: Routledge

About this book
Sociological Perspectives on Sport: The Games Outside the Games seeks not only to inform students about the sports world but also to offer them analytical skills and the application of theoretical perspectives that deepen their awareness and understanding of social processes linking sports to the larger social world. With six original framing essays linking sport to a variety of topics, including race, class, gender, media, politics, deviance, and globalization, and 37 reprinted articles, this text/reader sets a new standard for excellence in teaching sports and society.

272 pages

A Slice of the Pie, How to Build a Big Little Business

Creator: Nick Sarillo | Business & Economics - 2012-09-13

In A Slice of the Pie Sarillo tells the story of how he built his extraordinary culture and shows how anyone can follow his methods.

Publisher: Penguin

About this book
How does a suburban pizza joint end up profiled on national magazine covers and network TV news? (Hint: The secret is not in the sauce.)When Nick Sarillo decided to open a family-friendly pizza restaurant in the suburbs of Chicago, people thought he was nuts. Having worked as a carpenter for much of his adult life, he lacked any formal experience in restaurants or in managing a small business. Everyone told him no one else would ever care about his place the way he did. They warned he’d have to work 20-hour-days and monitor every employee just to stay in business.But Sarillo saw things differently, and set out to run his business in a radically different way. Today Nick’s Pizza & Pub is one of the top ten busiest independent pizza restaurants in the country, with two locations that gross about six times the revenue of the typical pizza restaurant. And in an industry where most employees leave within less than a year, Nick’s annual turnover rate is less than 20 percent.How did he do it? The secret lies in Nick’s purpose-driven culture, in which every employee—from the waiters to the chefs to the managers—is equipped with the tools necessary to do their jobswhile also advancing the company’s overall mission. The result is higher sales, a dedicated team, and a big little business that is beloved by the entire community.In A Slice of the Pie Sarillo tells the story of how he built his extraordinary culture and shows how anyone can follow his methods. For instance, Nick’s managers engage the staff by tracking and rewarding unusual metrics, such as how many guests request a particular server or the average check amount of each carryout host. Likewise, team members of all ages and levels of experience are encouraged to express themselves, acquire new skills, and suggest ideas to help the business grow.A Slice of the Pie will help transform even the smallest, simplest, and most ordinary business into a successful, high-performance organization.

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