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256 pages

Letters to Ebay, Hilarious Auctions, Crazy Emails, and Bongos for Grandma

Creator: Art Farkas | Humor - 2007-08-30

Lot 15 Bath & Body Works Hand Soaps All Scents! Up for bid is a huge lot of 15 brandnew never been used bottles of Bath & Body Works This is a $75.00 Value! I have just about every scent, so I am allowing the winner to individualize this ...

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

About this book
By day, Paul Meadors is a fifth grade teacher in a small California town. By night, he trolls the millions of items for sale on eBay, posing as his alter ego Art Farkas, and catching sellers off guard with his ludicrous and bizarre questions about their auctions. As he amusingly demonstrates time and time again, even in today's hyper-vigilant and impersonal digital world, the spirit of human salesmanship lives on, no matter how outrageous the question or request. For example, Art asks the seller of a set of bongo drums if there would be a way to attach them to his grandmother's back so that she could take them to the corner and play on the street to earn her rent money--which elicits a sincere, yet bitingly humorous response. From the entertaining auctions themselves, to Paul's loony letters and the serious responses they provoke, LETTERS TO eBAY provides a fascinating and humourous glimpse into the strange world of eBay and those who dwell within.

384 pages

Innate Immune System of Skin and Oral Mucosa, Properties and Impact in Pharmaceutics, Cosmetics, and Personal Care Products

Creator: Nava Dayan, Philip W. Wertz | Medical - 2011-06-09

Bath & Body Works also launched a new campaign for antibacterial products with its “Spread Love, Not Germs” collection that included a foaming hand soap, a deep cleansing hand soap, and a foaming hand sanitizer in such fragrances as ...

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

About this book
An in-depth look at cutting-edge research on the body's innate immune system Innate immunity is the body's first line of protection against potential microbial, viral, and environmental attacks, and the skin and oral mucosa are two of the most powerful barriers that which we rely on to stay well. The definitive book on the subject, Innate Immune System of Skin and Oral Mucosa: Properties and Impact in Pharmaceutics, Cosmetics, and Personal Care Products provides a comprehensive overview of these systems, including coverage of antimicrobial peptides and lipids and microbial challenges and stressors that can influence innate immunity. Designed to help experts and newcomers alike in fields like dermatology, oral pathology, cosmetics, personal care, and pharmaceuticals, the book is filled with suggestions to assist research and development. Looking at the many challenges facing the innate immune system, including the impact of topically applied skin products and medications, Innate Immune System of Skin and Oral Mucosa paves the way for next generation treatment avenues, preventative approaches, and drug development.

256 pages

Game-Changer: Game Theory and the Art of Transforming Strategic Situations

Creator: David McAdams | Business & Economics - 2014-01-27

ath& Body Workstouts itselfas “a21stcentury apothecary integrating health, beauty,and wellbeing” that“reinvented thepersonal care industry with ... Including triclosan allows Bath & Body Works to label its liquid hand soaps “antibacterial.

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

About this book
A radically new, and easily learned, way to outstrategize your rivals. “The wise win before they fight, while the ignorant fight to win.” So wrote Zhuge Liang, the great Chinese military strategist. He was referring to battlefield tactics, but the same can be said about any strategic situation. Even seemingly certain defeat can be turned into victory—whether in battle, business, or life—by those with the strategic vision to recognize how to “change the game” to their own advantage. The aim of David McAdams’s Game-Changer is nothing less than to empower you with this wisdom—not just to win in every strategic situation (or “game”) you face but to change those games and the ecosystems in which they reside to transform your life and our lives together for the better. Game-Changer develops six basic ways to change games—commitment, regulation, cartelization, retaliation, trust, and relationships—enlivened by countless colorful characters and unforgettable examples from the worlds of business, medicine, finance, military history, crime, sports, and more. The book then digs into several real-world strategic challenges, such as how to keep prices low on the Internet, how to restore the public’s lost trust in for-charity telemarketers, and even how to save mankind from looming and seemingly unstoppable drug-resistant disease. In each case, McAdams uses the game-theory approach developed in the book to identify the strategic crux of the problem and then leverages that “game-awareness” to brainstorm ways to change the game to solve or at least mitigate the underlying problem. So get ready for a fascinating journey. You’ll emerge a deeper strategic thinker, poised to change and win all the games you play. In doing so, you can also make the world a better place. “Just one Game-Changer [is] enough to seed and transform an entire organization into a more productive, happier, and altogether better place,” McAdams writes. Just imagine what we can do together.

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