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352 pages

Global Taiwan, Building Competitive Strengths in a New International Economy

Creator: Suzanne Berger, Richard K. Lester | Business & Economics - 2015-02-12

Figure 4.2 Total U.S. Imports of Taiwanese Auto Parts, 1989–2002 1600 1400 1200 1000 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 ... aftermarket parts 35 percent of the time .54 The percentage of repair shops that purchase aftermarket auto parts has also ... With 2003 sales expected to grow by 20 percent, Gordon Auto Body Parts Co.,  ...

Publisher: Routledge

About this book
Global Taiwan examines the impact of globalization on the industry and economy of Taiwan since the spectacular growth of the 1990s. Drawing on hundreds of interviews with firms in Taiwan, China, the United States, Japan, Europe, and other areas, the book analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of Taiwanese firms at a time when they face new competition from powerful global leaders and new producers in China. The contributors cover topics of enormous importance for Taiwan as well as the rest of the world, including transformations in the international economy, technological advances that enabled modularization and fragmentation of the production system, contract manufacturers, regionalization, and links with Chinese industry. The book addresses such questions as: Can Taiwanese companies be maintained and expanded with the same corporate strategies and public policies as in the past? Can these strategies still work for other countries? If changes are required, what resources can be mobilized in the public and private sectors? As massive relocation of manufacturing and services moves plants and jobs to low-wage countries like China and India, what will remain at home in societies like Taiwan?

Motor vehicle safety NHTSA's ability to detect and recall defective replacement crash parts is limited.

used vehicle that aftermarket crash parts have been used in an earlier repair. ... Taiwan Auto Body Parts Association officials stated that, since 1994, nearly all of the aftermarket crash parts its members manufacture are stamped with the ...

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

1088 pages

Auto Body Repair Technology

Creator: James E. Duffy | Technology & Engineering - 2014-12-10

If the actual measurements do not match the numbers on the dimension drawing, then the car has major structural damage resulting from the ... Original or authentic aftermarket body parts and mechanical components are listed in this guide.

Publisher: Cengage Learning

About this book
AUTO BODY REPAIR TECHNOLOGY, Sixth Edition, features extensive new and updated material reflecting the latest automotive technology and current industry best practices. In addition to incorporating current NATEF Collision Repair and Refinish Program Standards and Task Lists, this market-leading book provides detailed information on working with hybrid and electric vehicles, using environmentally friendly water-based paints, and other cutting-edge methods and materials. Celebrated for its clear, reader-friendly explanations and detailed, accurate information, this proven guide also includes abundant full-color photos and illustrations to make even complex concepts easier to understand and apply. Available supplements include a tech manual with shop assignments and job sheets, as well as interactive online resources ideal for today’s learners. Providing comprehensive coverage of collision repair—from initial evaluation and estimating, to structural and mechanical repairs, to repainting and refinishing—this trusted guide helps you quickly and confidently learn the skills and procedures you need to succeed as a professional automotive technician.Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

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