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Pontiac eight-lug aluminum

Pontiac eight-lug aluminum brake drum - Bookshelf

176 pages

Rusted Muscle, A Collection of Derelict Dream Machines

Creator: Steve Magnante | Transportation - 2011

Buick's fabled aluminum front brake drums are finned to dissipate heat. Their integrally cast iron friction linings are not rebuildable but are amazingly durable. You'd have to run the shoes down to bare metal to cause harm. Pontiac's eight- lug ...

Publisher: CarTech Inc

About this book
In Rusted Muscle, noted author Steve Magnante takes us on a tour across the country, sharing his most memorable imagery that he's collected. Acquired over years of travel, Magnante's images are stirring, but he also shares important information about the cars when describing them. He may share production numbers regarding a particular year, make and model, or de-code the pictured vehicle's VIN number or data plate to discover how it was equipped when new. In some cases, the cars pictured are quite rare, whereas others are much more pedestrian. This adds another dimension to the book beyond the stirring images.

Gto, 1964-1967

Creator: Paul Zazarine |

Pontiac's beautiful aluminum eight-lug wheel with integral hub and drum had been an extremely popular option on the big ... and drum assembly and was retained by eight chrome-plated socket- head Allen bolts threaded into the brake drum.

Ultimate Hot Rod Dictionary: A-Bombs to Zoomies

Creator: Jeff Breitenstein |

Black introduced the first of his fully aftermarket aluminum racing engines. ... Shelby Mustangs [see 'Stang]) and the eight-lug. aluminum-wheel/brake-drum sets featured on early- to mid-1960s full-size Pontiac performance models. kemp n.

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Alcoa made an "all-aluminum" Pontiac. It was a 1942 two-door streamliner and had its engine and other parts made of aluminum. In 1943, Pontiac designed a one-quarter ...

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