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Original Allis-Chalmers, 1933-1957

Creator: Guy Fay Andy Kraushaar |

In January 1 934, the paint color was changed to olive green, which lasted on wheel orders to April 1934. In April, the color was changed to black. The WD and WD-45 with the slide-out rears had orange wheels and aluminum-dipped rim and  ...

12 pages

Production Management and Engineering Sciences, Proceedings of the International Conference on Engineering Science and Production Management (ESPM 2015), Tatranská Štrba, High Tatras Mountains, Slovak Republic, 16th-17th April 2015

Creator: Milan Majerník, Naqib Daneshjo, Martin Bosák | Business & Economics - 2015-10-28

(Continued). Negative impacts of aluminum rims' LC Air pollution: Water and soil pollution: Impact on employees: • Particulate matter emissions discharged from melting chimneys and combustion plants • Waste water from the paint shop • Oils  ...

Publisher: CRC Press

About this book
These are the proceedings of the International Conference on Engineering Science and Production Management, 16th – 17th April 2015, Tatranská Štrba, High Tatras Mountains - Slovak Republic . The proceedings contain articles focusing on: - Production Management, Logistics- Industrial development, sustainable production- Planning, management and production control- Environmental and Safety Engineering and Management- Integrated business Management- Engineering and quality management of production- European support of industrial innovation These proceedings brings new and original advances and trends in various fields of engineering sciences and technologies that accost a wide range of academics, scientists, researchers and professionals.

Motor City Dream Garages

Creator: Don Sherman, Rex Roy |

Its lines flow gracefully over the lightweight aluminum rims. The gold paint shows off the shape nicely, making Smith's 1972 example look quite sculptural. Previous spread: Sitting like separate dollops of color on a painter's pallet, Smith's cars ...

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