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Corvette Performance Projects 1968-1982

Creator: Tom Benford |

You may also have mags or aftermarket wheels. Regardless of what your rolling gear is, it has to be cleaned, and your tires have to be dressed, too. I use Busch Chrome Wash and Busch Aluminum Wash on the wheels of my Corvettes, and ...

121 pages

Automotive Detailing, A Complete Car Care Guide for Auto Enthusiasts and Detailing Professionals

Creator: Don Taylor | Transportation - 1998

Meguiar's, Mother's and Eagle One all offer excellent wheel cleaners that meet these criteria. But remember: with metal wheels, it is very critical that you match the cleaner to the material. It is especially important not to clean aluminum with a  ...

Publisher: Penguin

About this book
Fully illustrated sections include how to detail for show competition, the latest in detailing technology, products and equipment, setting up an auto detailing business, and more.

Corvette C5 Performance Projects

Creator: Richard Newton |

If you clean your car often enough, just use normal soap and clean the wheels with a separate rag. It's best to clean them when ... other painted surface on your Corvette. If you have polished aluminum wheels, they will take longer to detail than ...

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How to Clean Oxidized Aluminum Wheels
Once your aluminum rims are pitted, there’s no easy fix to restore them. You’re going to have to rely on some good old fashioned elbow grease to improve the look.

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#99-08-51-007G: Refinishing Aluminum Wheels - (May 25 ...
#99-08-51-007G: Refinishing Aluminum Wheels - (May 25, 2016) Subject: Refinishing Aluminum Wheels Models: 2017 and Prior GM Passenger Cars and Trucks


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