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453 pages

About the House with Henri de Marne, How to Maintain, Repair, Upgrade, and Enjoy Your Home

Creator: Henri De Marne | House & Home - 2007-03

Cleaning. spots. left. by. clinging. vine. I recently removed Virginia Creeper from my yellow vinyl siding. I scraped the suction cups ... A. You don't really need a power-washer to clean aluminum siding; a regular garden hose equipped with a  ...

Publisher: Upper Access Books

About this book
Henri de Marne is among America's best-known experts on every aspect of home ownership. For 32 years, people have depended on him for answers to questions such as: . What should I do when moss is growing on the north side of a roof?. How can I stop the toilet tank from sweating?. How can I paint a basement floor and not have the paint peel off?. What is the best way to get rid of carpenter ants?. Where can I get replacement hardware for my old windows?. Why have my windows been steaming up ever since I installed a new furnace?The one disadvantage of a column, of course, is that you don't necessarily save all those columns, to be handy when you need the information.This is a big collection--probably the most complete handbook for homeowners that has ever been published--and in the same conversational, easy-to-understand language that readers have come to expect over the years

448 pages

2,001 Amazing Cleaning Secrets

Creator: Jeff Bredenberg | House & Home - 2004

Ah, That's the Rub > After Bob Eaton finishes cleaning an alabaster light fixture, he adds a touch that gives it a soft glow ... Left to its own devices, your home's aluminum siding will degrade over time, developing a chalky feel on the surface and ...

Publisher: Readers Digest

About this book
Accompanied by a comprehensive step-by-step plan for weekly housecleaning, this handy home reference introduces more than two thousand different solutions for fast, easy, and effective ways to clean every area of the house, along with a host of time-saving tips, information on cleaning tools and products, and special instructions on cleaning more than three hundred common objects. Original.

209 pages

Do It Right the First Time, What Every Homeowner Needs to Know Before the Work Begins

Creator: Gene Hamilton, Katie Hamilton | House & Home - 2005-01

The basic rule is to use the widest brush possible for wide siding, but a small person will quickly tire when using a brush that is 4 to 6 inches wide. Consider your ... To prevent water from being forced into the cracks, recaulk before you power-wash the siding. Water that ... Siding Steel and aluminum siding is prepainted at the factory and usually does not require repainting for at least 20 years. When the ...

Publisher: Innova Publishing

About this book
Whether you're building or buying your first home, embarking on a remodeling project, or just trying to figure out how to fix or repair an item in your home, this valuable book is the perfect place to turn for help. From buying painting equipment to installing window and decks, you'll find the inside information you need to make your home improvement project go faster and easier.

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