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199 pages

Road Bike Maintenance

Creator: Guy Andrews | Sports & Recreation - 2008

Well, for starters the rim is a far less complicated shape than its hooked counterpart and compresses slightly under force so ... Cleaning the rim is essential - new aluminum rims can have oil and manufacturing cutting compounds still on the ...

Publisher: Globe Pequot

About this book
ROAD BIKE MAINTENANCE                                                         (Falcon)Guy AndrewsConvenient package for this all-new self-help guide!These step-by-step instructions cover everything you need for maintaining and repairing your road bike, including easy-to-follow text and full-color photographs throughout.  This guide also shows riders how to spot trouble signs and perform preventative maintenance to head off expensive repairs.  Topics include wheels, tires, gears, brakes, sitting and steering points, cranks, chains, pedals, and much more.  The spiral binding opens flat to make the book user-friendly, in the shop and on the road.  Guy Andrews is an avid cyclist who is also a bicycling magazine editor and book writer.  He lives in London.  

352 pages

Ford Aerostar 1986-90

Aerostar van - 1991

Alloy wheels can also be cracked by overtightening. Use of a torque wrench is highly ... CARE OF ALUMINUM RIMS AND WHEELS Cleaning Whenever the wheel is removed, check it over carefully. Remove any accumulations of grease and ...

Your DIY Bike Repair and Bike Maintenance Guide

Creator: Sullivan Dean | Sports & Recreation - 2014-10-07

If your bike is sporting aluminum rims, there is a very costeffective way of removing all the grime that has latched on to this part of the wheel while you were travelling: rubbing alcohol. Just get a clean rag and apply a moderate amount of  ...

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

About this book
Cycling is great for our health. I myself was suffering from high blood pressure and elevated blood sugar. The gyms is not for me since I love outdoor so much. My "new" second hand bike didn't last very long until I learnt how to repair it. Now, I want to share to you my knowledge in DIY bike repair. I wrote this book to help anyone who want to make general repairs on their bicycles at home. Inside you'll learn: -the history of bike -major parts and systems in the modern bicycle -essential tools needed for bike repair -how to create an ideal workspace -how to lubricate your bike properly -how to prepare your bike for winter -how to install parts like pedals, wheels and seats -replacing worn brake pads -and many more This book is great for beginner's primer on repairing and maintaining bikes. If you are interested in repairing and maintaining your own bike, go and get this book. This book will definitely help you.

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