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144 pages

How to Build and Modify GM Pro-Touring Street Machines

Creator: Tony E. Huntimer | Transportation - 2004

If you are trying to lighten up the front of your car, you may want to take into consideration that an aluminum radiator may ... If you want a direct bolt-in radiator for your '67 Pontiac GTO, you may be limited to one or two radiator companies.

Publisher: CarTech Inc

About this book
GM's muscle cars of the '60s and '70s were great for their time - but what they did best was go in a straight line. Today's performance cars have it all though - speed, handling, and comfort. This book shows you how to build a Pro-Touring machine: a classic muscle car that accelerates, stops, corners, and rides like Detroit's best new high-performance cars. Author Tony E. Huntimer goes through a car's major systems - drivetrain, chassis, suspension, body, and interior - and shows you how to upgrade that classic muscle car to make it a modern performer. Electronic fuel injection, 6-speed trannies, better shocks and springs, modern seating and instruments, and subtle body mods are all covered, along with step-by-step how-to sequences on many key modifications. Classic muscle car looks, with modern muscle car performance - that's what Pro-Touring is all about!

144 pages

Swap LS Engines into Camaros & Firebirds: 1967-1981

Creator: Eric McClellan | Transportation - 2014-01-15

Three different crankshaft dampeners fit the LS engine, which are the Corvette, Camaro/GTO/Firebird, and truck. ... dampener, aluminum radiator, headers, ignition coils, and many other components properly fit and there's adequate clearance.

Publisher: CarTech Inc

About this book
Provides excellent instruction and guidance for selecting the best engine for a budget, choosing the adapter plates and engine mounts, dropping the engine in the car, selecting the ideal transmission and drivelines, and completing all facets of the swap. 

Mechanix Illustrated

Industrial arts - 1978

As aluminum comes into greater use on the engine and as the primary metal in some radiators, cooling system maintenance becomes more critical ... The soft plastic nose made its debut on the '68 Pontiac GTO and is now found on many cars.

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The 1964 - 1967 GTOs are some of the most difficult cars to cool. That isn't by design, rather by all of the old wives tails and gimmicks people have applied to the ...

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Our Champion Aluminum radiator prices here at LedFoot Racing are significantly lower than the manufacturer's. If you need to contact the manufacturer you can reach ...

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