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79 pages

Season's Gleamings, The Art of the Aluminum Christmas Tree

Religion - 2004

6-1/2-foot Craft House Fairyland Pink Tree with stand and three dozen Shiny Brite ornaments page 14: "P.P.'s family tree." page is 6-foot (94-branch) Evergleam Fountain Stainless Aluminum Christmas Tree with deluxe stand page 17: ...

About this book
They glitter. They shimmer. They bask in the glow of gently rotating color wheels. They last forever. Aluminum Christmas trees are the most spectacular souvenirs of our most recent Christmas Past-the Christmases of the super-mom 1960s.Season's Gleamings is the first book to celebrate these magnificent trees. More than 45 stunning color photographs reveal the beauty and range of aluminum arbor, from red-foil tabletop models to majestic seven-footers. Photographers J. Shimon & J. Lindemann have trained their camera on their own collection of vintage trees, capturing them complete with hi-fi's and highballs.Aluminum trees were born in 1959 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, once the "Aluminum Cookware Capitol of the World." Within a couple of years, shiny, foil-branched Christmas trees were being made by dozens of companies and selling in the millions. Elvis adorned Graceland's front yard with a row of lighted aluminum trees. Their most famous appearance was in A Charlie Brown Christmas, when Lucy ordered Charlie Brown to "get the biggest aluminum tree you can find."Today the trade in vintage aluminum trees is fierce, and these crisp, beautiful symbols of modern living are again brightening thousands of American holidays. Season's Gleamings is a reminder of how beautiful an aluminum tree can be and makes a perfect gift for lovers of Christmases both real and artificial.

American Aeronaut

Aircraft industry - 1963

FOR SALE — Beautiful evergleam stainless aluminum Xmas tree; color-tone elec . roto wheel complete with bulb, tree is 7 ft. high with tripod stand. 100 branches, i ~ FOR SA.l_I4E~Student desk, 3 good sized drawers at side, one drawer over ...

Trade Names Dictionary

Business names - 1979

About this book
A guide to trade names, brand names, product names, coined names, model names, and design names, with addresses of their manufacturers, importers, marketers, or distributors.

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