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Enema bag nozzles made of

Enema bag nozzles made of aluminum - Bookshelf

276 pages

Chronic Colitis; Its Causation, Diagnosis and Treatment

Creator: George Herschell, Adolphe Abrahams | Colitis - 1914

... acid gas, a single bellows of an atomiser, a Clover's gas bag, and an enema nozzle with the necessary connections. ... the distal extremity of which terminates in one of Herschell's aluminium self-retaining nozzles.1 The patient lies upon his left ... must be extremely gradual and its entrance into the colon checked by con' Made by Allen & Hanbury, Wigmore Street, London. tinual abdominal palpation.

276 pages

Chronic colitis

Creator: George Arieh Herschell | Caloric diseases - 1914

... carbonic acid gas, a single bellows of an atomiser, a Clover's gas bag, and an enema nozzle with the necessary connections. ... the distal extremity of which terminates in one of Herschell's aluminium self-retaining nozzles.1 The patient lies upon his left side upon a ... 1 Made by Allen & Hanbury, Wigmore Street, London.

475 pages

A nurse's handbook of obstetrics

Creator: Joseph Brown Cooke | Maternity nursing - 1915

Contents of bag. ... rubber gloves, 1 pair and envelope (made of twilling); 14, instrument case, I (made of twilling); 15, cord-dressings, sterile linen; 16, glass syringe, small, 1; 17, cord- tie; 18, enema nozzle, 1 (black rubber); 19, glass nozzle, ...

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Enema fun -
Enema fun Inserting the nozzle, the warm water gently filling you up, the wait, the urgency, the complete clean feeling that lasts the rest of the day...

Devices, equipments, lubricants, etc. | Enema Chairs
Has any one experienced a enema chair? I saw one on a video once and was just wondering what the experience would be like and where I could find out where to get one.

Robert's Masturbation Treatment - BearsLairForum.Com
continued from Robert'sMasturbation Treatment part 2 . Part 3 : Aunt Vera Comes to Visit . Aunt Vera, or as all of her nieces and nephews ...

COFFEE ENEMAS . Chapter 1. INTRODUCTION “Coffee enemas have long been in use. In a case report in the Pacific Medical and Surgical Journal in December 1866, M.A ...

Judith's Wetpack by Mr Spraycan -
Judith's Wetpack by Mr Spraycan MF+/f; naked; clinic; shave; enema; bond; straps; bandages; sheets; wrap; cocoon; immerse; hydro-therapy; torment; cons; XX


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  • Seeking Health

    PurEnema Silicone Enema Kit with Medical-Grade Silicone Tubing & Silicone Enema Tips | 4 Quart | Medical-Grade Silicone Enema Bag, Reusable Silicone Enema Bag | BPA-Free | Seeking Health

    Health and Beauty (Seeking Health)

    Each PurEnema Silicone Enema Kit comes with: medical-grade silicone enema bag, silicone enema tubing, 5 feet silicone colon tube, 1 retention nozzle, 1 rolling clamp, 1 straight nozzle, informative instructional booklet.
    Free of latex, BPA, vinyl, rubber, aluminum, pthalates, plastic. Very easy to clean, disinfect and reuse for years of use. Replacement Parts Available.
    IMPORTANT: PurEnema Silicone Enema Kit is manufactured for and sold exclusively by Seeking Health. We DO NOT recommend purchasing this product from any supplier other than Seeking Health on
    Use your PurEnema Silicone Enema Kit for retention enemas, normal cleansing enemas or to assist with constipation.
    The design of the PurEnema Silicone Enema Kit allows you to perform high enemas with the 5 foot colon tube or standard enemas with the 6 foot enema tubing. Choose between a standard enema nozzle or retention enema nozzle.

  • GrowGreen®

    #1 Best Recommended Garden Hose Nozzle - GrowGreen® Heavy Duty 8-Way High Pressure Sprayer Water Hose Nozzle - Best Hand Sprayer With Convenient Grip

    Lawn & Patio (GrowGreen®)

    ✓ SAVE TIME: The right hose nozzle - like this one - won't only save you tons of water, but it will also save you tons of precious time. When you are able to easily control the flow of water coming out of your hose, you can finish your tasks faster than you can imagine!
    ✓ 8 WATERING PATTERNS-NO MORE DISAPPOINTMENT: Watering your plants or washing your car isn't meant to be a frustrating and disappointing task. It's meant to be easy, fast and even funny. Choose between 8 different watering patterns that will satisfy all your needs - from cleaning rough dirt using the high pressure pattern to washing the dog using the soft shower pattern and more!
    ✓ SAVE WATER: Whether you are watering your garden or washing your car, you need the right nozzle. A nozzle that will allow you to control the shape and flow of water. This will lead to less wasted water since you will use the hose more efficiently.
    ✓ TOP-LINE QUALITY: This amazing hose nozzle has been designed upon the highest standards. Therefore, it's made to last and it's easy to use while also being sold for dirt cheap.
    ✓ SUPREME DURABILITY: Frustrated of poorly made, low quality nozzles that fall apart after some weeks or months? Then you should invest in a quality and super durable nozzle that will last longer than you can expect!