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Double pass aluminum radiator

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The Metal Worker, A Weekly Journal of the Stove, Roofing, Cornice, Tin, Plumbing and Heating Trades

Heating - 1902

The Sanitary radiators use double tubes, which take cold air from the floor, pass it directly over the burners through the ... Next comes another style of Jewel heater, also having a square body and open front, containing an aluminum double ...

Low Rider

Automobiles - 2008

Proceedings of the Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics Institute

Creator: Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics Institute | Fluid mechanics - 1960

As shown in Figure 1, this configuration consists of a double pass system with centrally located headers. In Figure 3, total radiator weight is presented as a function of coolant temperature and total heat load. Each value of total weight is the minimum ... and decreasing coolant temperature. Additional analysis utilizing coolants and materials other than water and aluminum has yielded total weight curves ...

Publisher: Stanford University Press

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Aluminum Racing Radiators, Double Pass, Oil Coolers ...
Double Pass Aluminum Racing Radiators. PRC Double Pass racing radiators are designed to improve cooling by passing coolant through the radiator twice.

Afco Aluminum Double Pass Radiators - Circle Track and ...
80127NDP Afco Alum Double Pass Radiator, 24" Chevy 80125N Afco Alum Double Pass Radiator, 26" Chevy $249.99

Griffin Performance Aluminum Radiators
Do you want the very best for your vehicle? Choose a Griffin Aluminum Radiator and keep it COOL. Griffin stocks a huge variety of car and truck radiators

Spal Fans - Griffin Rad
Spal Fan , aluminum fan shrouds, universal intercoolers and cooling accessories

Scirocco Style Radiator - Quarter-Max Chassis & Racing ...
This all-aluminum drag radiator commonly used in today’s door slammers. All aluminum construction, furnace brazed core, means there is no epoxy to fail.


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