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282 pages

Aluminum Recycling, Second Edition

Creator: Mark E. Schlesinger | Technology & Engineering - 2013-12-21

new scrap is determined by the activities of aluminum processors, not scrap consumers (Blomberg and Hellner, 2000), and ... by providing price incentives than by improving recycling technology (Xiarchos, 2005) Prices for aluminum scrap are ...

Publisher: CRC Press

About this book
What makes this book unique is a specific focus on aluminum recovery, rather than just recycling in general. It also offers an integrated discussion of scrap recovery and re-melting operations and includes economic as well as technical elements of recycling. Important topics include a discussion of the scrap aluminum marketplace and how secondary aluminum is collected and sorted, the design and operation of furnaces for melting scrap, the refining of molten aluminum, and the recovery and processing of dross from re-melting operations. This second edition features more information on aluminum scrap pricing and the economics of recycling, the analysis of dross processing methods currently in use by the industry, and drosses produced. The book has been updated throughout to include the most up-to-date information.

248 pages

Aluminum Recycling

Creator: Mark E. Schlesinger | Technology & Engineering - 2006-11-01

Recycling provides an alternative to mining virgin ores and reduces the waste disposal load on landfills. This analysis describes how a market for recycled metals such as aluminum might arise and how prices would be determined. However ...

Publisher: CRC Press

About this book
Even though over 30% of the aluminum produced worldwide now comes from secondary sources (recycled material), there are few books that cover the recycling process from beginning to end. Meeting the need for a comprehensive treatment of the aluminum recycling process, Aluminum Recycling explores the technology and processing strategies required to convert scrap aluminum and its alloys into new aluminum products and mixtures.The book details the collecting, sorting, and separating of scrap aluminum as well as the processing and upgrading equipment used. It first describes the aluminum alloys that are contained in the ore body and the various "mines" where aluminum scrap is found, followed by a discussion of the procedures for separating scrap aluminum from other materials. Subsequent chapters review the furnaces used for remelting the recovered scrap and the refining techniques that improve its purity and quality. The book also discusses the economics of scrap recycling and outlines the structure of the recycling industry. The final chapter addresses the unique environmental and safety challenges that recycling operations face.Although the benefits of recycling are numerous, aluminum recycling presents a series of unique challenges. Aluminum Recycling expertly leads you through the sequences of scrap aluminum recycling to provide a solid foundation for overcoming these obstacles.

479 pages

The Theory of Industrial Organization

Creator: Jean Tirole | Business & Economics - 1988-01-01

In the second example (an "intertemporal price-discrimination problem"), we consider a good that does not depreciate, and we focus ... C'U, + i) (the competitive recycling industry recycles until its marginal cost equals the price of aluminum).

Publisher: MIT Press

About this book
The Theory of Industrial Organization is the first primary text to treat the newindustrial organization at the advanced-undergraduate and graduate level. Rigorously analytical andfilled with exercises coded to indicate level of difficulty, it provides a unified and moderntreatment of the field with accessible models that are simplified to highlight robust economic ideaswhile working at an intuitive level.To aid students at different levels, each chapter is dividedinto a main text and supplementary section containing more advanced material. Each chapter openswith elementary models and builds on this base to incorporate current research in a coherentsynthesis.Tirole begins with a background discussion of the theory of the firm. In part I hedevelops the modern theory of monopoly, addressing single product and multi product pricing, staticand intertemporal price discrimination, quality choice, reputation, and vertical restraints.In partII, Tirole takes up strategic interaction between firms, starting with a novel treatment of theBertrand-Cournot interdependent pricing problem. He studies how capacity constraints, repeatedinteraction, product positioning, advertising, and asymmetric information affect competition ortacit collusion. He then develops topics having to do with long term competition, including barriersto entry, contestability, exit, and research and development. He concludes with a "game theoryuser's manual" and a section of review exercises.Jean Tirole is a Professor of Economics atMIT

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