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Light Metal Age

Metals - 1961

ALUMINUM USE Gains In Useage for Grilles, Radiators, Brake Drums, Air Conditioners 195J 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 ... New model usage of the light metal ranges from 21.9 pounds in the smallest Studebaker to 140 pounds in one Ruick ...

The Threshermen's Review

Creator: Power farming | 1914

What, then, can be said of these prices when they carry with them the Stude— baker name, the Studebaker reputation, the Studebaker character ... Continuous Aluminum Covered Running Boards. ... Tubular Radiator with Auxilai'y Water Tank.

Automobile Topics

Automobiles - 1922

:.u ANOTHER new closed model has been added to its big-six line by the Studebaker Corporation of America, South Bend, Ind. It is a ... front and rear bumpers, automatic windshield wiper, rear-view mirror, Moto-Meter, nickeled radiator shell set off by an ornamental radiator cap. ... Among the features of the engine might be mentioned forged, heat-treated aluminum connecting rods; aluminum THOLTGH ...

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Aluminum radiators and aluminum racing radiators, custom aluminum radiators, corvette

1932 Ford Truck & Car (CHEVY V8) Aluminum Radiator
Direct fit, bolt in replacement aluminum radiator for a 1932 FORD with a CHEVY V8 engine. All aluminum radiator is custom made in our facility. 100% Made in the USA.

Ledfoot Racing - Aluminum Radiators and Shrouds for ...
Our Champion Aluminum radiator prices here at LedFoot Racing are significantly lower than the manufacturer's. If you need to contact the manufacturer you can reach ...

1933-1935 Ford Truck & 1933-1934 Car (Chevy V8) Aluminum ...
Direct fit, bolt in replacement aluminum radiator for the 1933-1935 FORD Truck & 1933-1934 Car, with a CHEVY V8 Motor. Inlet: 1.5" Outlet: 1.75"


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