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288 pages

The Outboard Boater's Handbook: Advanced Seamanship and Practical Skills

Creator: David Getchell | Sports & Recreation - 1994-01-01

Jonboat. If you put too much power on, you have a tiger that refuses to be held the tail. Cheap, tough, and useful, today's aluminum jonboat is derived from. periment, its execution left much to be desired. Again, in an attempt to be as car- like as ...

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

About this book
This comprehensive manual shows you how to go places and do things you never thought possible in a small outboard motorboat. A well-designed ruggedly built 17-footer, for instance, can fish offshore, circumnavigate Lake Superior, and crisscross the continent on inland waterways or on a trailer pulled by the family car. Small outboards are among the most versatile boats ever developed and are far more able than you might expect. Covered here are all the popular types--and some exciting alternatives as well as methods that may change your entire boating outlook. Aided by contributions from other experts, veteran outboard skipper David R. Getchell, Sr., offers a wealth of useful facts and special savvy that reveal for the first time in a single book the true potential of these democratic boats 20 feet and under. Here are the means to understand what can be done, and the way to do it safely, including: how to judge a boat's potential and capabilities based on design and construction; how to rebuild an older boat; how to handle a little boat in big seas, surf, or shallow water; how to navigate; how to read the weather; how to head upriver or offshore; how to trailer your boat; how to manage and equip it for camp cruising on a nearby lake or for subarctic exploration; and how to care for the boat and motor.

320 pages

Stone Boat Odyssey

Creator: Ralph;Phyllis Nansen | Biography & Autobiography - 2011-06-24

So on a sunny afternoon, we set out for a sail with our flat-bottomed aluminum jon boat in tow. A jon boat is about eleven feet long with a squared-off bow and is common for fishing in bayou country. To my novice eyes, it looked enough like the ...

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

About this book
Set against the backdrop of mankind’s epic space odyssey is the tale of a dream that wouldn’t die and a stone boat that eventually sailed 40,000 ocean miles. Despite false starts, setbacks, and neartragedy, a boat named Fram set sail on its oceangoing adventure in 1987. This is the story of the remarkable couple who dared to dream of sailing the world’s oceans on the spark of an idea planted while mankind was aiming at the moon, and spent the next three decades completing their odyssey. Follow this amazing journey from the muddy bayous of Louisiana, to the verdant wilderness of British Columbia, and eventually to the palmgraced atolls of the South Pacific as they discover how to sail, how to build a boat, and how to live their dream.

Logistics of ecological sampling on large rivers

Important Note: While the addition of floatation to the hull of the boat may increase safety, it does not increase the carrying ... If aluminum jon boats are likely to be subjected to excessively harsh conditions, an advisable modification is the ...

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

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