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96 pages


Creator: Walter A. Hazen | Education - 1997

Each of us can help by recycling all of the plastic and aluminum we use. Aluminum Foil Another product that excited consumers was aluminum foil. ... Some people even used aluminum foil to extend the "rabbit ears" on their television sets!

Publisher: Good Year Books

About this book
History brought to life for young readers with vivid anecdotal narrative and fascinating illustrations that children can read and peruse on their ownIn this captivating volume, children learn about some of the inventions that helped shape the history and character of our country. They will see how progress in such fields as science, industry, medicine, transportation, and electronics and communications made America strong and gave the country the highest standard of living in the world. Told in the same easy-to-read, anecdotal style as Colonial Life and complemented by photos and illustrations, Inventions includes a full-color, pull-out time line. End-of-chapter activities such as making a string telephone and writing about how life would be different without television involve children in the invention process. Many cross-curricular writing and thinking activities are included, as well as puzzles for added fun.

168 pages

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover, Giving Back Love and Respect

Creator: Steve Pyatte | Biography & Autobiography - 2005-03-15

“Thanks son, now adjust the rabbit ears for me.” I would crawl back to the TV. “ Turn them a little to the left and hold them in the air over your head in your right hand. Pull the left antenna up all the way, and twist the aluminum foil a little tighter on ...

Publisher: AuthorHouse

About this book
     Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover is not a book written about a biker. This is Steve Pyatte in the first person. This is a book written by the man, about the man. This is a book about the man known to many as “Papaw”. A man many people have grown to love and respect.     You may think you know “Papaw”, but now it is time you met Steve Pyatte, up close and personal.     Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover is filled with a nostalgic look at the past through the eyes of the author, as well as motivational and inspirational stories to make you smile, laugh and cry. Some of what you read may even surprise you.

616 pages

My Dream

Creator: Rosario Wilson | Biography & Autobiography - 2011-04-11

I wentand gotsome aluminumfoiland wrapped itaround the rabbit ears and thepicture cleared upabit. He came back and said he would ask the owner ofthe apartment later on. He said what did you do to the antenna it cleared up alittlebit.

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

About this book
Born two months premature in Sual, Pangasinan, Rosario Wilson became the latest addition to a superstitious family. Smaller and more sickly than others her age, Rosario bravely embarked on a challenging life journey that would one day cause her to realize that no matter what the income or social background, every human being has the ability to dream. In her compelling memoir, Rosario reveals how she learned to have faith in herself in order to achieve her dreams. Rosario begins with her childhood in the Philippines, providing a captivating glimpse into what life was like for a young girl whose mother worked several jobs in order to make ends meet. From working in rice fields to serving as a live-in maid, her mother’s example soon taught Rosario how to survive—even when life seemed unfair. As Rosario details her journey into young adulthood and how she grew to love a man who had much to learn, she reveals how patience and wisdom eventually led her to attain the life she had always imagined for herself. This true story of one woman’s journey through life shares an inspiring message that the size of a person never need limit the size of a dream.

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I actually like them all. I'm a fan of top hats, don't like the speed knobs. But I'm finding with my push pull pots that the top hats just aren't the best.


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