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544 pages

Engineering Design, A Systematic Approach

Creator: Gerhard Pahl, Wolfgang Beitz | Technology & Engineering - 2013-11-11

The latest references have also been included. With these additions the book achieves all our aims and represents the state of the art. Substantial sections remain identical to the previous editions.

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

About this book
The aIm of the first two German editions of our book Kon struktionslehre (Engineering Design) was to present a comprehensive, consistent and clear approach to systematic engineering design. The book has been translated into five languages, making it a standard international reference of equal importance for improving the design methods of practising designers in industry and for educating students of mechanical engineering design. Although the third German edition conveys essentially the same message, it contains additional knowledge based on further findings from design research and from the application of systematic design methods in practice. The latest references have also been included. With these additions the book achieves all our aims and represents the state of the art. Substantial sections remain identical to the previous editions. The main extensions include: - a discussion of cognitive psychology, which enhances the creativity of design work; - enhanced methods for product planning; - principles of design for recycling; - examples of well-known machine elements*; - special methods for quality assurance; and - an up-to-date treatment of CAD*.

1177 pages

Encyclopedia of Consumption and Waste, The Social Science of Garbage

Creator: Carl A. Zimring, William L. Rathje | Science - 2012-02-27

The volumes convey what daily life is like for people in these selected regions.

Publisher: SAGE

About this book
In our age of globalization and multiculturalism, it has never been more important to understand and appreciate all cultures across the world. The four volumes take a step forward in this endeavour by presenting concise information on those regions least well-known to students across Europe: the Middle East, Asia and Africa. The volumes convey what daily life is like for people in these selected regions. Entries will aid readers in understanding the importance of cultural sociology, to appreciate the effects of cultural forces around the world, and to learn the history of countries and cultures within these important regions.Key Features-Topics are explored within historical context, in three broad historical periods: prehistory to 1250, 1250 to 1920 and 1920 to the present.-One volume each is devoted to the regions of the Middle East and Africa and then one volume to East and Southeast Asia and a final volume to West, Central and South Asia. The volumes include extensive use of photographs and maps to explain cultural and geographic content.-Each volume has its own volume editor with expertise in that particular region.Key ThemesArts, Culture and SciencePeople, Society and DynastiesReligion and LawFamily and Daily LifeConflicts and WarsPolitics and GovernmentHealth and EducationEconomy, Trade and IndustryNational Geography and History

992 pages

The Plant Finder, The Right Plants for Every Garden

Creator: Tony Rodd, Geoff Bryant | Gardening - 2007

Features more than five thousand entries on the best plant varieties for gardens in every zone, encompassing facts on cultivation requirements, zone ratings, growth habits, light and water needs, propagation, and pest control.

Publisher: Richmond Hill, Ont. : Firefly Books

About this book
Doing research and making informed choices save the gardener money, work and time. The best plants for a location and a good plan will provide rewards for many years. At almost 1,000 pages, The Plant Finder is big enough to contain 5,000 carefully researched entries on the best garden plant varieties for every zone. Yet it's compact enough to be portable. Kept on the bookshelf or carried to the garden center, it's every gardener's best reference. Based on the material used in the classic Flora: The Gardener's Bible, The Plant Finder helps every gardener match the latest, hardiest and most favored plants to specific location, soil and climate. The book is organized by major plant groups. Each section opens with a comprehensive plant selection table featuring all the plants in that section and showing, at a glance, all the characteristic growth habits and needs of each plant. Once you identify a suitable plant, you check the extensive entry for a more detailed description. Each description includes notes on origins, cultivation requirements, growth habit, propagation, pests and diseases -- and more. The Plant Finder will be useful to the many thousands of garden and landscape professionals wanting a comprehensive reference. But it will also be a complete resource for the amateur gardener who makes a big investment in new plants every year, constantly changing and improving the garden. This market numbers in the millions, with an annual budget of hundreds of millions of dollars, a passionate interest in gardens, and a strong will to find the best plants and put them in the right place.

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