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444 pages

Design for Six Sigma in Product and Service Development, Applications and Case Studies

Creator: Elizabeth A. Cudney, Sandra L. Furterer | Business & Economics - 2012-06-05

Number Needs Importance 1 The.can.crusher ... 4 6 The.can.crusher Must.have.a.robust.mechanism 4 7 The.can.crusher 4 8 ... 1 Mode.of.operation Automatic Manual Manual Automatic Semiautomatic No No No No Yes Weight ...

Publisher: CRC Press

About this book
Real-world examples and hands-on experience are invaluable resources when learning how to use new methods and tools, whether in training or in a classroom. Yet there are very few books on Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) that provide the practical knowledge required to be up and running quickly. Until now. Design for Six Sigma in Product and Service Development: Applications and Case Studies provides step-by-step analysis and practical guidance on how to apply DFSS in product and service development. The book discusses the DFSS roadmap and how it is linked to methodologies, including organizational leadership, product development, system integration, critical parameter management, voice of the customer, quality function deployment, and concept generation. The chapter authors provide real-world case studies that demonstrate how the application of DFSS has significantly improved meeting customer requirements. They follow the Identify-Define-Design-Optimize-Validate (IDDOV) structure for new product or service development. Examples of tools covered include Quality Function Deployment, Voice of the Customer, Pugh Concept Selection, Ideal Function, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, Reliability, Measurement Systems Analysis, Regression Analysis, and Capability Studies, among others. Clearly outlining the tools and how to integrate them for robust product and service design, the case studies can be used by industry professionals and academics to learn how to apply DFSS. The book gives you hands-on experience in a safe environment, where experienced Black Belts and Master Black Belts act as mentors and prepare you to touch actual data and make decisions when embarking on real-world projects. Even after you’ve mastered the techniques, the breadth and depth of coverage contained in this book will make it a vital part of your toolkit.

682 pages

Waste Management Practices, Municipal, Hazardous, and Industrial, Second Edition

Creator: John Pichtel | Law - 2014-02-26

... crushers Wood grinders Screening Cyclone separator Air classification Magnetic separation Balers Can crushers ... into bales/paper, cardboard, plastics, textiles, aluminum Compaction and flattening/aluminum and tin cans Weighing Operational records Operational records Handling, Moving and Storage Materials transport/all types of materials Manual separation of waste material/ source-separated ...

Publisher: CRC Press

About this book
  Waste Management Practices: Municipal, Hazardous, and Industrial, Second Edition addresses the three main categories of wastes (hazardous, municipal, and "special" wastes) covered under federal regulation outlined in the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), an established framework for managing the generation, transportation, treatment, storage, and disposal of several forms of waste. Focusing on integrating the technical and regulatory complexities of waste management, this book covers the historical and regulatory development of waste management and the management of municipal solid wastes. It also addresses hazardous wastes and their management, from the perspectives of identification, transportation, and requirements for generators as well as the treatment, storage, and disposal facilities. Features: Covers the three main categories of wastes under regulation in the United States Incorporates an extensive set of problems, presented at the end of several chapters as appendices Includes numerous review/homework questions at the end of each chapter Highlights special categories of waste that may not fit precisely into either RCRA Subtitle D (Solid Wastes) or Subtitle C (Hazardous Wastes) In addition to the end-of-chapter problems provided in all chapters of this book, the text also contains practical exercises using data from field situations. Waste Management Practices: Municipal, Hazardous, and Industrial, Second Edition is an ideal textbook or reference guide for students and professionals involved in the management of all three categories of wastes.

Beverage Industry Annual Manual

Beverage industry - 1991

Jamaica Tower features manual, electric and portion control valves to dispense up to six pre- or post-mix beverages. ... CAN CRUSHER CSL & Associates' hand- operated can-pactor crushes and stores up to 250 aluminum cans. Can is ...

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