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201 pages

Mustang Weekend Projects

Creator: Dave Emanuel | Transportation - 1996

As such, they have no heat- riser passages to bring heat to the bottom of the intake manifold (many aftermarket heads do not have heat- ... By comparison, in production trim as installed on a Corvette engine, the aluminum heads are fitted with standard springs that have a ... That means the intake manifold can be removed without draining the radiator. castings which can be used on a small- block Chevy.

Publisher: Penguin

About this book
This is a collection of how-to projects for Mustangs built from 1968-70. Includes advice on vintage air-conditioning, engine tech tips, interior restoration tips, ignition tech, 428 CJ carburetor rebuild, installing hood tachs, and more.

144 pages

High-Performance Chevy Small-Block Cylinder Heads

Creator: Graham Hansen | Transportation - 2007

Most aftermarket aluminum heads are fitted with some type of bronze or bronze alloy valveguide material. ... larger 2.02 intake valves greatly increased intake flow in comparison to similar sized iron production heads, making this a simple yet ...

Publisher: CarTech Inc

About this book
Any professional performance engine builder will likely tell you the most powerful and important component in an engine are cylinder heads. If you can afford to invest serious money in one component for a street engine, in most cases it should be a set of cylinder heads. While the small-block Chevy engine has been well-chronicled, specific in-depth information on this important component has been more elusive. This book shows you how to choose the best cylinder head for your application. It covers both Gen I and Gen II small-block Chevy versions, occasionally touching on the Gen III and Gen IV production versions. This book taps into some of the best small-block Chevy cylinder head resources this country has to offer with a combination of insight and best estimates, because much of what we know about port design and airflow management falls under the category of art rather than science.  High-Performance Chevy Small-Block Cylinder Heads is designed exactly like its predecessor, High-Performance Chevy Small-Block Cams & Valvetrains, in that it starts with the basics and works into more in-depth concepts and variables in an attempt to uncover all those subtle nuances that make up the small-block Chevy. It features airflow basics, extensive flow bench tests (using the Superflow 600 bench), information on production and aftermarket heads, rebuilding and assembly, and basic porting techniques.

144 pages

How to Build Max-Performance Pontiac V-8s

Creator: Rocky Rotella | Transportation - 2012

If you're considering building a traditional Pontiac V-8 engine for increased power and performance or even competitive racing, How to Build Max Performance Pontiac V-8sis a critical component to achieving your goals.

Publisher: CarTech Inc

About this book
The traditional Pontiac V-8 ushered in the age of great American overhead valve V-8s with its introduction in 1955. Almost immediately, it became the basis for competition power plants. As time passed and the engine evolved to greater heights and larger displacements, avid Pontiac enthusiasts took advantage of the design's strong points and overcame its weaknesses to build a legendary performance history. Today's Pontiac enthusiast has a wide range of factory and aftermarket components to choose from, and in "How to Build Max-Performance Pontiac V-8s," all the critical components are reviewed in great detail. This book includes honest advice on the proper way to modify components for optimal power and durability. The book also gives readers an assessment of the many aftermarket accessories offered for these great engines, and shares the capabilities such parts bring with them. In addition, high-performance engine buildups are completed and the results are shared. If you're considering building a traditional Pontiac V-8 engine for increased power and performance or even for competitive racing, this book is a critical component to achieving your goals.

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aluminum heads; balancers; ... sbc chevy sb shootout pro 1957-95 intake manifold polished. ... sbc chevy sb shootout pro. 1957-95. intake manifold polished :


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