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256 pages

Rules to Rock By

Creator: Josh Farrar | Juvenile Fiction - 2010-07-01

There was a Japanese Fender Strat, a keyboard, and a lame Crate amp, which Jonny and I both plugged into. Ugh, Crate amps: the bottom of the barrel. “Sorry,” Jonny said. “This isn't exactly the awesome setup we have at your parents' place.

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

About this book
You'd never guess it now, but Annabelle Cabrera used to be a rock star. And not like her mom or dad called her a "total rock star" after she won a spelling bee or something. She was a real rock star, the bassist of Egg Mountain, the most popular band in the New York music scene. But when her parents uproot her from Brooklyn and move her to Rhode Island so they can record their own album, Annabelle feels lost. Starting a new band isn't as easy as she'd hoped, the school's rival band is a bunch of bullies, and her parents are so immersed in recording that they're completely neglecting Annabelle and her younger brother. How can Annabelle truly make herself heard?

Music Trades

Music trade - 1988

Based on the enthusiastic reception of the initial Crate amp, the product line was gradually expanded to include most popular amp configurations. From 1979 onward, Crate amplifiers were positioned as value products, offering a high level of ...

312 pages

Detroit Rock City, The Uncensored History of Rock 'n' Roll in America's Loudest City

Creator: Steve Miller | Biography & Autobiography - 2013

He looked a little like a drowned rat—was just standing in the corner with stringy hair and coke-bottle glasses and a nice-looking little SG and a small Crate amp, quietly playing away, but doing some really quite remarkable stuff. But it was so ...

Publisher: Da Capo Press


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