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Adjustable rate mortgage works

Adjustable rate mortgage works - Bookshelf

405 pages

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Buying and Selling a Home

Creator: Shelley O'Hara, Nancy D. Lewis | Reference - 2003

Weighing the pros and cons of an adjustable-rate mortgage * Understanding how an adjustable-rate mortgage works » Shopping for an adjustable-rate mortgage Are you a gambler? Fancy yourself a risk-taker? If so, you may want to finance ...

Publisher: Penguin

About this book
Goodbye, old house-hello, good buy! From looking to sell to finding a dream home, this all-in-one guide features new, updated, and vital information and tips on getting the best matter which side of the deal you're on. € Unlike other books, this covers both buying and selling-which usually go hand-in-hand€ Revised edition includes more information on buying a second home, researching locations, saving on costs, and more€ Existing-home sales are setting new records every year€ Very low mortgage rates are making this a great time to buy

240 pages

Money Order, The Money Management Guide for Women

Creator: Gail Shapiro | Business & Economics - 2001-08-22

So you are not really in a position to need a thirty- year fixed-rate mortgage. You are in a situation where you are willing to accept some risk. Here's how a variable -rate mortgage works. Let's say you look for a “five-one” ARM program.

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

About this book
Make Your Money Work for You Thirty or forty years ago, most women depended on a weekly allowance from their husbands to run the household and care for children. Although today's women share the breadwinning with their husbands or support families on their incomes alone, their money management skills simply haven't kept pace with their earning power. It's time for women to embrace a new paradigm, doing away with the notion that control of finances is a man's job. Like no other book on personal finance, Money Order offers a new model for managing your money, one that reflects women's constantly changing money needs and helps you develop real financial savvy and resourcefulness. Based on Womankind's grassroots Financial Literacy Project, Money Order covers all the basics, including how to Establish and maintain good credit Save for your children's college education Manage debt Finance car and home purchases Insure yourself and your property Prepare for retirement But it doesn't stop there. Packed with insider tips from women financial experts, as well as real-life stories, exercises, and useful charts and graphs, Money Order is a comprehensive primer that teaches you to treat your money as your greatest asset -- not as an endless burden. Once you have your day-to-day financial life on track, this book will provide you with new options to save, spend, and invest your money. Money Order encourages you to share your financial knowledge with other women and to make meaningful investments that will effect real economic change in your life and the lives of others.

192 pages

Making Mortgages Work for You

Creator: Robert Irwin | Business & Economics - 1988-01

rich uncle technique in, 105-106 second mortgages in, 80-83, 130-131 (See also Wraparound mortgages) versus ... Deficiency judgments, 102-103, 124-125, 127 Discounts on mortgages: adjustable-rate, 14-15, 32-40, 46, 47 second, 82-83, ...

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies

About this book
This revision of the bestselling The New Mortgage Game lays out in cl ear, simple English everything consumers need to know to make the most profitable decisions about real estate financing. Illustrated.

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