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624 pages

Accident/Incident Prevention Techniques, Second Edition

Creator: Charles D. Reese | Technology & Engineering - 2011-10-25

Charles D. Reese. trAilEr HitCH sAfEty improper.hitching,.or.inadequate.or.damaged. equipment. ... Each.operator.must. ensure.that.the.pintle.hook.or.ball. ... adjustable.fifth.wheel,.the.driver.must.ensure.its.adjustment. is.locked.

Publisher: CRC Press

About this book
Published more than ten years ago, the first edition of Accident/Incident Prevention Techniques provided clear, comprehensive guidance on how to mitigate the cost, in personnel and to the bottom line, of accidents/incidents in the workplace. Significantly revised and updated, this Second Edition takes its place as the A to Z hands-on guide to the responsibilities, principles, tools, and techniques involved in accident investigative planning and preparation. Written by safety expert Charles D. Reese, the book details tried and true techniques that have been used by the occupational safety and health community for many years. It also presents the best theoretical methods to help those responsible for occupational safety develop the best prevention initiative for them and their workforce. Based on the premise that all businesses and industries must face the reality that occupational accidents and illnesses will transpire and the results of these events will have a negative impact on the company’s bottom line, the book provides practical examples, easy-to-implement processes, numerous illustrations, and usable forms throughout. See What’s New in the Second Edition Topics such as safety culture and behavior-based safety Expanded coverage of some topics such as analysis tools and accident investigation Updated statistical data, sources, and contacts Updated changes in regulations and compliance Relevance with current trends and issues in accident prevention By investigating the various methods and equipment used in system safety applications, the book covers a myriad of accident/incident prevention techniques and supplies the illustrations and tools that allow readers to begin to develop and build a safety and health program in their workplace. The author draws on his more than 30 years of experience to supply a template for the development of an effective safety and health program.

1328 pages

Heavy Duty Truck Systems

Creator: Sean Bennett | Technology & Engineering - 2015-01-06

More often seen on tractor-semi combinations in which the trailer travels at an angle to the tractor; usually caused by ... It is sometimes adjustable. drawbar the device used to connect a trailer tongue to either a pintle hook or a ball hitch.

Publisher: Cengage Learning

About this book
Comprehensive, technically accurate, and up-to-date, HEAVY DUTY TRUCK SYSTEMS, 6E is the best-selling introduction to servicing medium- and heavy-duty trucks. Now in striking full color, the sixth edition helps users develop a strong foundation in electricity and electronics, power train, steering and suspension, brakes, and accessories systems and presents introductory material on servicing, safety, tools, and preventive maintenance. This edition is updated with full coverage of NATEF competencies and the latest technology, including 2014 J1939 updates and access tools, Wingman radar, CMS, and Allison TC10 transmissions (introduced in 2013). The book's proven pedagogy is enhanced by extensive sets of review questions and over 1700 full-color photographs and pieces of art that help readers visualize key concepts and servicing procedures.Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

468 pages

Survivors, A Novel of the Coming Collapse

Creator: James Wesley Rawles | Fiction - 2012-09-25

Follows a group of people struggling in the face of a full-scale socioeconomic collapse in America that has caused the breakdown of all technology and supply chains while unleashing riots and predatory gangs throughout the country.

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

About this book
WHAT IF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT ENDED TOMORROW? The America we are accustomed to is no more. Practically overnight the stock market has plum-meted, hyperinflation has crippled commerce, and the fragile chains of supply and high-technology infrastructure have fallen. The power grids are down. Brutal rioting and looting grip every major city. The volatile era known as “the Crunch” has begun, and this new period in our history will leave no one untouched. In this unfamiliar environment, only a handful of individuals are equipped to survive.

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