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Farm Mechanics ..., Farm Machinery and Power Equipment, Farm Buildings--farm Management

Creator: Bernard Lyman Johnson | Agricultural machinery - 1919

A GRAIN DRILL FOR THE TRACTOR It Has An Adjustable Hitch and a Power Lift A Tractor Grain Drill That Will Fit Any Tractor. Notice the adjustable hitch that allows the frame to be held at the correct angle with any height of draw bar. TV/I - a ...

416 pages

Practical Knots and Ropework

Creator: Percy W. Blandford | Crafts & Hobbies - 2012-06-11

GUY LINE HITCHES Ropes to support a tent have to be tied to stakes or posts. Although synthetic cordage ... Another adjustable hitch has two overhand knots tied in the main part of the line and the end taken down through them (Fig. 11- 12C).

Publisher: Courier Corporation

About this book
In this thoroughly modern guide, author Percy W. Blandford focuses on styles in use today, many tailored to new synthetic ropemaking materials. He untangles the secrets behind a fascinating array of knots, including:Basic knots, from common bends to bowlinesJoining knots, including the "weaver's," "surgeon's," and "thief" knotsRunning and multiple loopsFisherman's and climber's knots... plus many other varieties, as well as the best way to secure loops, rings, and hitches. A detailed look at splicing ranges from fundamentals to methods for use with braided rope and wire. More than 290 diagrams appear throughout the text, illustrating the step-by-step formation of every knot.

160 pages

The Complete Book of Knots

Creator: Geoffrey Budworth | Crafts & Hobbies - 1997

Towing or mooring hitch, guy-line attachment Adds weight to a thrown heaving line Most robust binding knot Tensions cord at its point of attachment Shoulder loop for hauling a load Versatile adjustable loop Semi-permanent hitch to rail or ...

Publisher: Globe Pequot

About this book
Offers instructions for selecting and tying over one hundred knots for climbing, sailing, fishing, and camping

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adjustable ball mounts for trailer hitches ... - Hitch Corner
adjustable ball mounts for trailer hitches sold by hitch corner,denver,littleton,colorado

Adjustable Ball Mount, Adjustable Hitch, Tow Hitch - Husky ...
Manufacturer of Husky Liners ® adjustable ball mount, adjustable hitch, and more for your truck.

Roper's Knot Pages - Hitches - Real Knots
'Elementery' Hitches. In this table you find the most elementary hitches. The hitches in each column are closely related. The top hitch is tied round a pole or other ...

CURT Adjustable RV Trailer Hitch #13703 -
CURT Trailer Hitches – The FIRST Name In Towing Products. CURT takes pride in offering the widest selection of custom fit trailer hitches, fitting more vehicles in ...

Ultra-Tow Adjustable Cargo Carrier with Ramps | Receiver ...
This Ultra-Tow Adjustable Cargo Carrier with Ramps offers a safer, easier and stronger way to haul scooters, lawn mowers, snow blowers and other wheeled equipment.


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