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256 pages

Complete Wine Selector, How to Choose the Right Wine Every Time

Creator: Katherine Cole, Hugh Johnson | Cooking - 2013

Provides information on buying wine, serving and drinking wine, winemaking, and pairing food and wine.

Publisher: Firefly Books Limited

About this book
A new and remarkably easy way to choose and enjoy wine. Complete Wine Selector aims to remove the fear and restore the fun and confidence in buying and enjoying wine. Presented in a compellingly original, visual "info-bites" format, it strips away wine's intimidating facade to convey all the information needed in a truly helpful way. Wine drinkers will be able to choose wine in any setting with complete confidence. Complete Wine Selector presents information in a simple step-by-step sequence. Colorful visuals and pithy text, casebook examples and tutored tasting master classes progress to the practical mechanics of how to pick from a wine list, buy the right bottle for the right price, and serve it with confidence. The book's features include: Introduction to Wine Styles -- How to determine your top 10 preferred wine styles Buying Wine -- How to find and buy the 10 wine styles from supermarkets, specialist wine shops, internet retailers, and at auction The Greatest Wine Shops -- 20 best wine shops in Europe, the USA, Australia & New Zealand, and Asia Restaurant Wine Lists -- Expert advice from sommeliers on how to use a wine list, what to look for, choices by cuisine, plus Q and As Do Vintages Matter? -- 10 top sommeliers and chefs reveal their favorite matches in style terms Storing Wine -- Top 10 dos and don'ts, wine cellars, wine fridges Tools of the Trade -- Wine accessories, tips on opening, decanting, pouring and serving; glasses and serving temperature for 10 wine styles; the 10 most common wine faults; a host's checklist The World of Wine Made Simple -- Visually arresting, easy-to-read charts for an at-a-glance guide to how red, white, sparkling and fortified wines are made; vineyard years Rules to Remember -- Easy-to-read graphical reminders summarize the most important points for easy reference. Packed with expert advice from some of the world's best sommeliers and winemakers, and using vivid, content-rich layouts and graphics, Complete Wine Selector is a new classic guide for a new generation of wine drinkers. Older (and still anxious) wine drinkers will benefit too!

240 pages

Making Sense of Wine

Creator: Matt Kramer | Cooking - 2004-11-10

This new edition of Kramer's classic guide to wine features a new preface and an all-new chapter that covers changes and advances in winemaking since first publication in 1989.

Publisher: Running Press

About this book
The paperback edition of this highly praised wine classic includes a new preface and an all-new chapter that covers changes and advances in winemaking since the book’s initial publication in 1989. Kramer explores connoisseurship through the practical devices of "thinking wine” and "drinking wine,” making for an engrossing journey through one of life’s great pleasures. Wine’s complexities are often glossed over in favor of sound bites tailored to the novice. Kramer embraces and celebrates these complexities. The superbly written text covers the basics, from food and wine pairings to setting up a wine cellar.

476 pages

The Ultimate Bar Book, The Comprehensive Guide to Over 1,000 Cocktails

Creator: Mittie Hellmich | Cooking - 2010-07-01

Ultimate Bar Book is the first and only guide to classic and new drink recipes. Loaded with essential-to-know topics such as barware, tools, and mixing tips, this book has it all.

Publisher: Chronicle Books

About this book
Ultimate Bar Book is the first and only guide to classic and new drink recipes. Loaded with essential-to-know topics such as barware, tools, and mixing tips, this book has it all. As a mistress of mixology, the author has the classics down to a Tthe Martini, the Bloody Mary, plus the many variations (the Dirty Martini, the Virgin Mary). And then there are all the creative new elixirs the author brings to the table, like the Tasmanian Twister Cocktail or the Citron Sparkler. Illustrations show precisely what type of glass should be used for each drink. With dozens of recipes for garnishes, rims, infusions, and syrups; punches, gelatin shooters, hot drinks, and non-alcoholic beverages; andlet's not forgetan essential selection of hangover remedies, Ultimate Bar Book is nothing short of top-shelf.

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