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Wii - Wii, Hardware, WiiWare, Wii Accessories, Wii Games, Wii Remote, Wii System Software, Gold-Plated Wii, List of Wii Accessories, Nunchuk Controlle

Creator: Source: Wikia | 2012-05

This book consists of articles from Wikia or other free sources online.

Publisher: Books LLC, Wiki Series

About this book
This book consists of articles from Wikia or other free sources online. Pages: 40. Chapters: Hardware, WiiWare, Wii accessories, Wii Games, Wii Remote, Wii System Software, Gold-plated Wii, List of Wii accessories, Nunchuk Controller, WiiConnect24, WiiMail, Wii Channels, Wii Development Kit, Wii Friend, Wii Number, Wii Remote, Wii System Update, Wuhu Island, List of WiiWare games, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Mario Sports Mix, Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, Resident Evil 4, Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sonic Unleashed, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Paper Mario, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Wii Chess, Wii Fit Plus, Wii Music, Wii Play, Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Accelerometer, Strap Problems, WiiMail, Wii System Update, Classic Controller, GameCube Controller, List of Wii accessories, Nunchuk Controller, Wii Balance Board, Wii LAN Adapter, Wii Wheel, Wii Zapper. Excerpt: a picture of the powersaves The wii powersaves is a cheating device that is not liscenced nor endorced by nintendo.It has over 100 game cheats to help you get along. The Gold-plated Wii is a Wii that was a gift from gaming company THQ to the Queen of England. The gift was sent along with a copy of the unreleased game Big Family Games. The gift was made to create awareness of the game given. The hope is that the Queen will try the game, and like it, thereby improving public awareness of the game even before the game is released; boosting the sales of the game when it is released.The game, Big Family Games, is a game that has many different minigames, such as minigolf, bocce, and more. A list of accessories which are available for the Wii. Accessories released by Nintendo Products released by British retail store Game. The Nunchuk is the first controller attachment Nintendo revealed for the Wii Remote at the 2005 Tokyo Game Show. It connects to the Wii Remote via a cord. Its appearance when attached resembles the nunchaku, hence the name. It features an analog stick similar to the one...

240 pages

The Nintendo Wii Pocket Guide

Creator: Bart G. Farkas | Games - 2009-02-02

9. Wii. Accessories. Accessories for a gaming console usually start as a relatively small trickle of items. As the unit gains in popularity, and as certain needs are discovered or games that require a special accessory are developed, that trickle  ...

Publisher: Pearson Education

20 pages

Gaming Accessory Basics

Creator: Reuben Kelley | Games -

Since the Wii is motion controlled it has many numerous accessories. Basically, no matter what type of game you are playing, there is an accessory for it. Different types of accessories for the Wii have different purposes. Some games will ...

Publisher: IMU Ventures Publishing

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Wii - Wikipedia
The Wii (/ w iː / WEE) is a home video game console released by Nintendo on November 19, 2006. As a seventh-generation console, the Wii competed with Microsoft's ...

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Check out the range of accessories available for the Wii U console, including controllers, microphones, face covers and adapters.

A Wii Golf Club Accessory that Works - Wii U Accessories
First of all, let’s state the obvious: whereas most Wii golf club accessories house the Wii remote in the handle, providing an awkward grip, this one houses the ...

What is Wii U? - Wii U from Nintendo - Info, Details
The Wii U console gives you new ways to play, with the GamePad controller, HD graphics, and much more. Take a look at all of the details of the Wii U video game console.


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