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240 pages

Secrets of the PlayStation Portable

Creator: Joel Durham Jr. | Games - 2006-08-07

Joel Durham Jr. FileAssistant++ AFKIM CN.Reader PSP Rhythm Lua Player PSPRadio Games PSPool Casino Addict NetHackPSP 2D Paintball (Lua) Lua Air Hockey Appendix A Nine Nifty PSP Accessories Headphones Icemat Siberia In: Ear ...

Publisher: Pearson Education

About this book
With over 13 million shipped, the Sony PlayStation Portable, or PSP, is one of the fastest selling game consoles in history. In this essential guide, gaming expert Joel Durham, Jr. shows readers how to get the most out of this revolutionary handheld game console. After an initial tour around the interface, Joel will introduce the readers to the multimedia possibilities of the PSP, including gaming, movie playback, organizing and playing music, organizing and displaying photographs, and web surfing and RSS. In addition he will walk readers through how to use the device on a network, how to get the most life from the battery, how to pick a headset, how to set up a WLAN and more.

132 pages



HWM: Do you have plans to produce multimedia speaker accessories for say, the Sony PSP, similar to how you're providing accessories for the iPod? Hokari: It's something that we're definitely looking into. Certainly the Sony PSP is an ...

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Singapore's leading tech magazine gives its readers the power to decide with its informative articles and in-depth reviews.

225 pages

PSP Hacks, Mods, and Expansions

Creator: Dave Prochnow | Computers - 2005-12-28

... can be derived from half a dozen super models strutting down a runway with a Sony PSP hanging around their necks. ... the sleek and sexy lines of the PSP while providing a glimpse ahead into the upcoming fall fashion accessory lineup.

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

About this book
View movies and pictures Listen to music Browse the web Increase memory Customize their favorite games Upgrade PSP hardware and software Integrate the iPod into the PSP world Use any memory stick with the PSP Listen to MP3s and watch music videos from the PSP

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