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414 pages

Business Orchestration, Strategic Leadership in the Era of Digital Convergence

Creator: Johan Wallin | Business & Economics - 2006-08-04

The sourcing strategy for each component that came into a Nokia plant was reviewed by the company's supply chain ... The venture bought Nokia's joint venture Dongguan Nokia Mobile Phone's cell-phone accessories manufacture and ...

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

About this book
Digital convergence is redefining industries, and putting information, knowledge and collaboration at the heart of strategic leadership and management. In the face of such change it is those leaders who can ‘orchestrate’ a complex network of employees, customers and suppliers in a single ongoing learning experience that will succeed. Exploring four learning roles for customers (information acquirer; explorer; performer; inventor) and orchestrators (conductor; architect; auctioneer; promoter), Business Orchestration provides a strategic view of how to harness digital convergence by mobilizing and integrating the resources of other companies to create business value.

264 pages

Disruptive Innovation in Chinese and Indian Businesses, The Strategic Implications for Local Entrepreneurs and Global Incumbents

Creator: Peter Ping Li | Business & Economics - 2013-03-12

because years of OEM had cultivated standardized cell phone accessories clusters: the SCP firms only needed to give ... With severe competition from SCPs , the low-end cell phone from Nokia was no longer a black-and-white-screen phone, ...

Publisher: Routledge

About this book
With the rapid development of China and India as new economic powers in global competition, an obvious question is whether these emerging economies are great opportunities or threats. Whilst answers are bound to differ depending on one’s perspective, it is increasingly clear that more local firms, especially local entrepreneurs, from these emerging economies will play a more critical role in global competition by becoming challengers to global incumbents. Indeed, the fact that the majority of their populations are at the bottom of the pyramid, and thus cannot afford products designed for the developed markets, has made these emerging economies fertile ground for developing and applying disruptive innovations. A novel mix of key attributes distinctive from those of established technologies or business models, disruptive innovations are typically inferior, yet affordable and "good-enough" products or services, which originate in lower-end market segments, but later move up to compete with those provided by incumbent firms. This book sheds new light on disruptive innovations both from and for the bottom of the pyramid in China and India, from the point of view of local entrepreneurs and international firms seeking to operate their businesses there. It covers both the theoretical and practical implications of disruptive innovation using conceptual frameworks alongside detailed case studies, whilst also providing a comparison of conditions and strategic options in India and China. Further, unlike existing studies, this book focuses on the neglected perspective of local challengers as the primary players, and in doing so reveals the extent to which the future landscape of global competition may be shaped by disruptive innovation, as well as its capacity to make the world "flatter" and more sustainable. This unique book will be valuable to both scholars and practitioners interested in disruptive innovation and those working in the fields of Asian studies, international business, economics and globalization.

528 pages

Make It New, Essays in the History of American Business

Creator: Paul Bodine | Business & Economics - 2004

... is the second-largest independent U.S. distributor of cellular phone and cell- phone accessories and in the mid-1990s ... service for cell-phone calls; (2) the manufacturers of cell-phone equipment and accessories, such as Nokia, Ericsson, ...

Publisher: iUniverse

About this book
In this collection of thirty-eight essays, Paul Bodine chronicles the often tumultuous history of key American companies from their inception to their dynamic present. From prominent industry giants like Qualcomm and Bloomberg to lesser-known leaders like Alex Lee Inc. and Standex International, these essays capture major trends, technologies, and personalities that have helped make the American business model the envy of the world. From the rise of DVDs, mobile telephony, and digital data to the evolution of steel minimills, enterprise resource planning software, and the convenience store, this collection provides vivid slices of the spirit, ingenuity, and drama of America's business history. A bonus section includes profiles of six leading European firms.

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