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100 pages

The Videogame Style Guide and Reference Manual

Creator: Kyle Orland, Dave Thomas, Scott Steinberg | Games - 2007

When a game system can run games or use accessories created for an older system, the new system is considered to be ... Nintendo: Nintendo DS (Game Boy Advance), Game Boy Advance (Game Boy Color, Game Boy), Game Boy Color ...


About this book
Journalists, stop playing guessing games! Inside the answers to your most pressing questions await: Videogame, one word or two? Xbox, XBox or X-box? What defines a good game review? Fitting neatly between The AP Stylebook and Wired Style, The Videogame Style Guide and Reference Manual is the ultimate resource for game journalists and the first volume to definitively catalogue the breathtaking multibillion-dollar game industry from A to Z. Includes official International Game Journalists Association rules for grammar, spelling, usage, capitalization and abbreviations, plus proven tips and guidelines for producing polished, professional prose about the world's most exciting entertainment biz. Exploring the field from yesterday's humble origins to tomorrow's hottest trends, The Videogame Style Guide and Reference Manual contains all the tools you need to realize a distinguished career in game journalism.

46 pages

Nintendo Consoles, Virtual Console, Nintendo Video Game Consoles, Pokémon Mini, Ique Player, Color Tv Game

Creator: LLC Books | 2010-06

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online.

Publisher: Books LLC, Wiki Series

About this book
Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 211. Chapters: GameCube, Game Boy consoles, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Virtual Boy, Wii, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy line, Nintendo GameCube, Doctor V64, Game Boy Color, 10NES, List of Super Nintendo Entertainment System games, Wii Remote, List of Super Famicom and Super Nintendo sports games, List of Super Famicom games, Virtual Console, Wii Menu, List of Super Famicom and Super Nintendo games by genre, List of Satellaview broadcasts, Wii system software, Special versions of the Nintendo DS, History of the Nintendo Entertainment System, List of Super Famicom and Super Nintendo platform games, List of Super Famicom and Super Nintendo traditional games, Wii launch, Nintendo DS accessories, List of Super Famicom and Super Nintendo role-playing games, St.GIGA, Wii Balance Board, Nintendo 64 accessories, List of Touch! Generations titles, Nintendo video game consoles, Third-party accessories for the Wii Remote, Wii homebrew, Game Boy Advance SP, Rumble Pak, List of Super NES enhancement chips, List of Super Famicom and Super Nintendo vehicle simulation games, Nintendo DS sales, Mii, Super Game Boy, Wii Shop Channel, Game Boy Micro, Portopia Renzoku Satsujin Jiken, List of Super Famicom and Super Nintendo shooter games, Wii MotionPlus, Nintendo 64DD, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector, Nintendo DS & DSi Browser, Classic Controller, List of Wii drivechips, List of Super Famicom and Super Nintendo puzzle games, Internet Channel, List of Super Famicom and Super Nintendo adventure games, List of Super Famicom and Super Nintendo strategy games, Wii Speak, New Play Control!, SNES Multitap, Nintendo 64 controller, Wii Zapper, Nintendo Points, Mode 7, Wii Opera SDK, WiiConnect24, UDraw GameTablet, Pok mon mini, Nintendo DS launches, Super Scop...

183 pages

Best Before, Videogames, Supersession and Obsolescence

Creator: James Newman | Social Science - 2012

However, it's the potential of the technology that's truly exciting – if Nintendo and other developers can push this even ... Select Nintendo DS games that use accessories in the Game BoyTM Advance slot of the Nintendo DS system are not  ...

Publisher: Routledge

About this book
Despite record sales and an ever-growing global industry, the simple fact is that videogames are disappearing.Most obviously, the physical deterioration of discs, cartridges, consoles and controllers means that the data and devices will crumble to dust and eventually will be lost forever. However, there is more to the disappearance of videogames than plastic corrosion and bit rot. Best Before examines how the videogames industry's retail, publishing, technology design, advertising and marketing practices actively produce obsolescence, wearing out and retiring old games to make way for the always new, just out of reach, 'coming soon' title and 'next generation' platform.Set against the context of material deterioration and the discursive production of obsolescence, Best Before examines the conceptual and practical challenges faced within the nascent field of game preservation. Understanding videogames as rich, complex and mutable texts and experiences that are supported and sustained by cultures of gameplay and fandom, Best Before considers how - and even whether - we might preserve and present games for future generations.

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