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314 pages

IPod & ITunes, The Missing Manual

Creator: J. D. Biersdorfer | Computers - 2006

Explains how to use the portable music player with a Windows PC or a Macintosh computer to perform functions including play music, store personal contact and calendar information, and use as a video player.

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

About this book
When Apple introduced the iPod in 2001, CEO Steve Jobs declared, "listening to music will never be the same again." He was right on the money. The iPod grabbed attention right away, and by the end of 2005, more than 41 million of them had sold. iPod is the dominant digital music player on the market, and for the first time, Apple gets to feel like Microsoft.iPod steadily evolved through five generations since then, and today the dynasty ranges from a screenless 512-megabyte version that can hold plenty of songs for your gym routine to a 60-gigabyte multimedia jukebox that can spin out an entire season of "Desperate Housewives", along with thousands of color photos and all that colorful music. An iPod is many things to many people, but it can be much more than most people realize. That's where iPod & iTunes: The Missing Manual comes in. Like the device itself, this book is a long-running bestseller, now in its fourth edition. What makes it so popular is the wealth of useful information it brings to anyone who breaks open iPod's distinctive packaging-especially since Apple doesn't supply a manual of its own. Once again, we've updated this guide to fully explain the ins and outs of iPod, including the nano, the shuffle, and all the latest features and uses, such as:The 5th generation Video iPod, which can hold 15,000 songs, 25,000 photos, and 150 hours of videoiTunes 6, where you can buy tunes, subscribe to Podcasts, tune into internet radio, download videos, build playlists, and moreGoing beyond the music to use iPod as an external drive, an eBook, a personal organizer, a GameBoy, and a slide projectorExtreme iPodding with shareware and AppleScripts, using an iPod with external speakers (including the car stereo), accessories, and troubleshootingIt's been five years since iPod hit the scene, but, clearly, the evolution has only just begun. iPod & iTunes: The Missing Manual gives you everything you need to evolve with it.

310 pages

Car Audio For Dummies

Creator: Doug Newcomb | Transportation - 2008-04-14

But the iPod was the MP3 player that captured millions of music lovers' hearts and minds, music collections, and ... Today, there's a billion-dollar industry based just around iPod accessories, and car accessories form a large chunk of this ...

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

About this book
Thinking about a knockout audio system for your car? Not sure what you need, want, or can afford? Car Audio For Dummies is a great place to find some answers! But wait — what if speakers that vibrate your floorboards don’t turn you on? What if you’re thinking more about hands-free phone access and a DVD player to entertain the kids? Surprise! Car Audio For Dummies can give you a hand there, too. Whether you want to feel as if your favorite band is performing right on top of your dashboard or you want to keep the soccer team entertained on the way to the tournament, this friendly guide can help. From planning your system and buying components to getting them installed and protecting your investment, you’ll find plenty of wise advice. Get the scoop on: Figuring out what kind of equipment you need to do what you want Identifying good sound quality when you hear it Adding components to a factory system Choosing a video player, hands-free phone system, amplifiers, speakers, and more Finding a reliable installer (today’s automotive electronics systems are so complex that you probably won’t want to go it alone) Understanding warranties and returns Protecting and insuring your system Car Audio For Dummies is sort of like that knowledgeable friend you want to take along when you tackle a project like this. Sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?

244 pages

Easy IPod and ITunes

Creator: Shelly Brisbin | Computers - 2006

The first decision you must make when choosing car accessories is what you want to do with your iPod while driving. The most basic items simply provide power to the iPod, allowing you to listen via headphones. Another group of devices ...

Publisher: Que Publishing

About this book
Frustrated by the lack of instructions and documentation that came with your new iPod? Don't throw it out the window! Instead, consultEasy iPod and iTunes,a full-color, visually oriented book that covers iPod and iTunes usage from the beginner's point of view. With step-by-step instructions and visual elements on every page, you will go from opening the iPod box and installing its software, to ripping music in iTunes, syncing with the iPod and beyond. You will learn to work with music files, podcasts, audio books and Internet radio, and you'll discover the iTunes Music Store and how it works with iTunes and iPod. As long as you have a current model iPod (including the new Nano and video models), this book will work for you.

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